At a meeting held in the Bank's Head Office on February 26th 1947, it was agreed that the Birmingham Municipal Bank Staff Association be formed. This section of the website records the role of the Staff Association (and preceding bodies), which covered both social activities and its function in representing the Bank's staff in discussions with the General Manager.
Various topics relating to the Staff Association are detailed in the following pages:
 Officers of the Association
 Names of the principal Officers of the Association
 Numbers of Members of the Association
(1947 to 1971)
 History of the Staff Association and preceding bodies
 Article written by Howard Powell in celebration
   of the Association's Silver Jubilee in 1972
 Staff Association Rules & Regulations
 Copies of the Rules & Regulations:
 Staff Association Annual Reports
 Eighteen Annual Reports from the period
    1950 to 1969
    May 1928 to January 1934
Copy of the hand-written minutes of the first
   meeting of the Staff Socials Committee held on
   May 30th 1928; and extracts from minutes for
   meetings held from May 1928 to January 1934
 Staff Welfare Fund and Use of the Head Office Assembly Hall
 Reports by the General Manager in July 1945 to
   the Bank's Management Committee regarding:
   - a Staff Welfare Fund; and
   - conditions for the use of the Head Office
      Assembly Hall by staff for social and
      recreational purposes
 Sports & Social Activities
 Details of the various sporting and social activities
  of the Bank's staff, including annual reports;
  circulars; club officers; and photographs
 Staff Magazines
 List of Magazine issues and the names of Editors;
 Articles extracted from the Magazines