Staff Association
Minutes of the Staff Socials Committee

Prior to the establishment of the Birmingham Municipal Bank Staff Association on April 1st 1947, the organisation of staff social events was administered by the Birmingham Municipal Bank Staff Committee (also known as the Staff Socials Committee).


The Minute Book that the Staff Committee maintained during the period from May 30th 1928 to January 1st 1934 has survived. This book is marked with the number ‘1’, suggesting that the committee came into being in May 1928, but the minutes make no reference to that fact, or how the members of the committee were chosen. Mr S G Brotherton was asked, during the meeting, to ‘act as Secretary to the Staff Socials Committee’ – further suggesting that this was the initial meeting.


The meeting held one year later (May 13th 1929 – see below), refers to the election of twelve committee members (but does not state who elected them) and the re-election of the Chairman and the Secretary.


The full minutes of the meeting held on May 30th 1928 are reproduced below, including the approving signature of the Bank’s General Manager (J P Hilton), which is the first reference to his role as Chairman of the Committee.


All of the meetings were held at the Bank’s Head Office, except for the meeting on January 8th 1932, which was held at Queens College. The Bank’s General Manager (J P Hilton) was the Committee’s Chairman throughout this period, and chaired each of the meetings, except as noted against the date of the meeting.


The final meeting recorded in the Minute Book (on January 1st 1934) would have been the first meeting to be held at the new Head Office in Broad Street. The minutes record the desire to use that building’s facilities for social functions, and they also refer to the possibility of a new club being formed to be called the ‘Birmingham Municipal Bank Staff Club’.


The subsequent history of the Staff Socials Committee, the Staff Benevolent Fund, and the inauguration of the Staff Association is described in  an article by Howard Powell.


Also reproduced, are Extracts from the minutes of the other meetings held in this period, which were recorded in a similar fashion. The extracted minutes from these subsequent meetings show the types of social events enjoyed by the staff, the attitudes that prevailed in those times, the problems that were encountered, and the way that the events were financed.


Despite this being a ‘Staff’ committee, the members of it included a number of senior management staff – J P Hilton; F Ellison (his deputy); and H Carver and F W Parsonage (Principal Assistants). In addition, H G Wright (another Principal Assistant) was an ex-officio member of the Committee by virtue of his role as Secretary of the Welfare Committee.


The total number of staff in this period was approximately 170.


The members of the committee during this period were:


Abbiss, L C

Brotherton, S G

Brown, R M (Miss)

Buxton, W

Carver, H

Condon, P J

Corles, H G

Crawford, M (Miss)

Earp, R H

Ellison, F

Frith, W H

Hannah, W L

Hilton, J P

Ladbrooke, T J

Lewis, L F (Miss)

Morrison (Miss)

Parsonage, F W

Pogson, N K (Miss)

Powell, A M (Miss)

Raftery, J W

Ridge (Miss)

Smith, J A

Sutherland, H J

Tooby, W J R

Viney, E H

Wright, H G (ex-officio)