This section of the website covers various aspects relating to
employment with the Birmingham Municipal Bank;
the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank; and
the Birmingham Municipal Trustee Savings Bank
This section attempts to list all the staff who worked for:
the Birmingham Municipal Bank;
the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank; and
the Birmingham Municipal Trustee Savings Bank 
 The numbers of staff employed at various dates
 The body that represented the staff and organised social activities 
 Reports from the period 1950 to 1969
 Index of articles reproduced from Staff Magazines
 List of Staff Magazine Issues & their Editors
 Details of the various Sports and Social activities of the staff
 Current activities of the retired members of staff
 The professional body for Savings Bankers
 Employees promoted to Senior Management positions
 Lists of Branch Managers at various dates and
 details of Group and Area Network Structures introduced in the 1970s
 How the Second World War resulted in the appointment of Manageresses
 The policy regarding the payment for working extraneous hours in
     the period from the commencement of the Bank to 1939
 Alphabetical list of Managerial Appointments
 Examples of letters issued to staff regarding
     Appointments, Promotions, etc
 List of employees of the temporary First World War bank
 Details (1923) of the policy purchased by the Bank re its employees
 Details of the career of a Chief Cashier: 1916 to 1926
 Staff employed at the commencement of the temporary bank
 List of the 40 staff employed at September 1st 1919
 List of the 50 staff employed at February 1st 1921
 List of the 86 staff employed in September 1922
 Report re the introduction of a new staff grading scheme
 Details of the staffing positions at October 1st 1923 and April 1st 1924.
 List of the 115 staff employed at December 1st 1924
 General Manager's Report on Staffing
 Amendments to Grading Scheme for Branches and Staff
 Re-organisation of Grades for Branches and Senior Staff
 Re-grading of Branch Managers and new Classification of Branches
 List of the 187 staff employed at October 1st 1928
 List of the 203 staff employed at December 1st 1929
 List of the 199 staff employed at November 8th 1930
 Document issued by the General Manager to staff advising them of the
 main changes arising from the BMBs change of status to become a TSB