Branch Managers - 1933
At a Bank Finance Sub-Committee meeting on October 9th 1933,
a schedule was produced listing all staff for the purpose of the Fidelity Guarantee Insurance premium payable by the Bank.
That schedule listed the 50 officers in charge of branches
in two categories:
Branch Managers (29) - staff professionally qualified
Officers-in-Charge (21) - staff partly qualified
 L C Abbiss
 H J T Bayliss
 S E Bennett (*)
 S G Brotherton
 W Buxton
 W A Camwell
 J E Chapman (*)
 E J Cope
 R H Earp
 F FitzPatrick
 A T Guest
 S A Guy
 C E Harper
 J Hastie
 A M Hodgkins
 G H Humphries
 W James
 S F Jones
 G F Lewis
 A N Ling
 J Manners
 C H Massey
 E Price
 J W Raftery
 W K Robottom
 H J Sutherland
 R H Tafft
 F H Whitehouse
 W J Woolons
 J Baker
 W C Baker
 J C W Brown
 C Danks
 H B Davis
 F H DeVille
 J A Duff
 W L Hannah
 G A Harling
 H Huggins
 L H Hurdman
 E R Jennings
 T J Ladbrooke
 H E Martin
 R T Piper
 A H Reed
 L E Smallwood
 A J Smith
 W J T Tooby
 E H Viney
 L A Wright
(*) S E Bennett & J E Chapman
were designated as "Special Managers".
Both officers were formerly Branch Inspectors who were tasked with taking over the control of a branch for a period and reporting to the General Manager. This was found to be helpful in securing uniformity of working and general administration.