Acting Branch Managers
Annual Review of Salaries 1945
The consideration by the Bank Committee
of actions to be taken in regard to these two subjects

In a report dated February 14th 1945 regarding the Annual Review of Salaries, it was stated that The Chairman, along with Ex-Chairmen of the Bank and Councillors Gurden and Mrs Hyde, have examined the Salary List of permanent officers, and the rates being paid to temporary officers.


At this stage of the Second World War, with a large number of permanent male staff absent as members of the Armed Forces, a considerable number of temporary and part-time staff (many of them former employees) were employed, so that the salary review encompassed a larger number of personnel than the pre-war (and post-war) position.


The report listed 335 staff, the total number employed by the Bank excluding the General Manager and his deputy. The summation of the report provided the following summarised recommendations::


1. Permanent Staff.


(a) Promotions.


Mr Hurdman

From Grade E to Grade F

Mr Price


Miss Jenkins

From Grade C to Grade D

Miss Powell


(b) Increases governed by age of officer, varying from £10 to £15, in 30 cases.


(c) Increases within scales, varying from £5 to £25, in 149 cases.


(d) Increases to Ex-Grade Officers.


Miss Morrison


Mr Woodcock


Mr Lambeth

Mr Bennett



Mr Raftery


Mr Whitehouse

Mr Sutherland

Mr Clamp



The sanction of the Salaries, Wages and Labour Committee will be required in the case of Mr Clamp.


(e) The total cost of the above increases will be £2,710.


2. Mr C. P. Addis.


On the 16th October 1944 the remuneration of this officer was fixed at half salary because he was working half the week. On the advice of Dr Graves he has been employed for the full week since 1st January 1945, and ought to be paid full salary. It is recommended accordingly. Addis will be re-examined after Easter, when Dr Graves will report whether his condition justifies full discharge. When the report is received Addis's case will be brought up for further review.


3. Temporary Staff.


(a) Increases governed by age, varying from 2/-d. to 5/9d. per week, in 18 cases.


(b) Increases on completion of 12 months' service of 2/6d. per week in 11 cases.


(c) Merit increases, varying from 2/6d. to 7/6d. per week, in 30 cases.


(d) The total cost of the above increases will be £587.  12.  -d.


The report listed officers by category, which may be summarised as follows:


1. Males.



Salary Range



£155 - £260



£285 - £325



£350 - £385



£415 - £450



£480 - £525



£525 - £575



£610 - £940




2 Females.



Salary Range



£90 - £100



£155 - £160



£175 - £195



£200 - £235



£245 - £265



£300 - £310






3 Temporary Officers.


(a) Ex-Officers of the Bank



Salary Range


Acting  Managers

£348 - £384


Relief Branch Managers

£231 - £270



£219 - £225






(b) Other Temporary Officers - Female



Salary Range


Machine-Operators & Typists

£205 - £218



£205 - £218


General Clerks

£169 - £205



£85 - £135



(c) Other Temporary Officers - Male



Salary Range


General Clerks

£254 - £270



£90 - £120




(1) It was necessary to refer the proposed salary increase to Mr R B Clamp (Publicity & Development Officer) to the Corporation's Salaries, Wages and Labour Committee due to the amount being at the reporting threshold of £50. The increase was subsequently approved, so that Mr Clamp's salary at April 1st 1945 became £650 per annum.

(2) The Salary Ranges refer to the recommended salaries to be paid from April 1st 1945.

(3) All the temporary officers were paid on a weekly basis - some only working part time hours. The Salary Ranges quoted for temporary officers are the annual equivalent for full time personnel.]


In considering the above report on Annual Review of Salaries, the Bank Committee also received a report entitled Remuneration paid to Acting Branch Managers.


On the 15th December 1941 the Committee decided that an allowance of £1 per week should be paid to officers acting as Branch Managers in place of men called to the Forces. In 1942 the allowance was increased to £1.  10.  0d. in the majority of the cases, but retained at £1 in the other cases, regard being paid to the total remuneration being received and its relationship to the rate which a newly appointed Branch Manager would receive.


There are 8 males and 24 females acting as Branch Managers. Of these, 1 male and 5 females are ex-officers, who are paid an inclusive weekly wage which takes into account the allowance referred to above.


The remuneration being received by the female Managers is much below what would be paid to a male Branch Manager appointed as such, and one or two of the male Acting Managers are receiving a lower figure.


The matter has been considered by the Chairman, Ex-Chairmen, and Councillors Gurden and Mrs Hyde, who have examined the list of those acting, and the total remuneration being received.


The scale for the lowest Grade of Branch Manager is as follows:



Basic Salary







1st Year


56.  1.  -.

396.  1.  -.

2nd Year


56.  1.  -.

406. 1.  -.

3rd Year


56.  1.  -.

421.  1.  -.

4th Year


56.  1.  -.

431.  1.  -.

5th Year


56. 1.  -.

441.  1.  -.


The rate being paid to the male Acting Managers vary from £383.  1.  0d. to £441. 1.  0d., and to the females from £335.  8.  0d. to £397.  17.  0d.


Having regard to the fact that all the Acting Managers (whether male or female) must discharge the full duties and responsibilities of a regular Branch Manager, it is felt they ought to receive equivalent remuneration, regard being had to the manner in which the duties are performed. The General Manager is satisfied with the way in which the Acting officers discharge their duties, and can state that the work is being done quite as well as when the regular Managers were available. There are four grades of regular Branch Managers, who are graded according to proved ability and length of service. In the same way there are variations in the abilities, etc of the Acting Managers. These Acting Managers can be satisfactorily graded into three classes, viz:


1st Class equal to a remuneration of £441.  1.  0d

2nd Class equal to a remuneration of £421.  1.  0d.

3rd Class equal to a remuneration of £396.  1.  0d.


It is recommended that the managerial allowance be brought up to the above figures from the 1st April 1945, subject to the approval of the Salaries, Wages and Labour Committee.


The Committee will understand that the Acting Managers will only receive the allowance until the regular Managers return from the Forces, and until other male officers now serving, who are entitled to be considered for promotion, also return.


In considering the report, the Minutes of the Bank Committee reflected observations made by the General Manager and Committee members:


In amplification of the General Manager's report the Committee were reminded that the principle of temporary appointments of male and female officers as Branch Managers was approved on 18th March, 1940, and agreed to by the Salaries, Wages and Labour Committee. The allowance addition to basic salary was then fixed at 10/- per week, which was subsequently increased to £1 and afterwards to 30/- per week in certain cases.


The Chairman emphasised that the present proposals did not adjust the basic salaries of the officers concerned but dealt with the allowance to such officers while acting as temporary Branch Managers. It was contemplated that such allowance should be classified according to capacity and responsibilities of the officers.


The Committee were particularly anxious not to prejudice the position of returning Service men, and it was understood that the officers acting as temporary Branch Managers would revert to their positions as and when the Service men concerned return. It was felt that the responsibilities and duties of an acting Branch manager should be adequately recognised according to degree of merit and ability and the circumstances of individual Branches.


The recommended remuneration for Acting Branch Managers was subsequently approved by the Salaries, Wages and Labour Committee on the understanding that such rates of pay will apply only as a war-time measure to male and female officers whilst undertaking the duties of Acting Branch Managers.


The above report stated that 32 (8 male, 24 female) were acting as Branch Managers. A further report to the Bank Committee (April 16th 1945) listed 31 staff in this category as follows:


Total Remuneration


£441.  1.  0d.

W Brown

D C Whetnall

H A Turner

A H Bower

£440.  17.  0d.

Miss Bullock

Miss Gregory

Miss R M Brown

£420.  17.  0d.

Miss Pogson

£396.  1.  0d.

D Crowley

E W Hannan

£395.  17.  0d.

Miss Wilkins

Miss Hastings

Miss Neale

Miss A C Brown

Mrs Winfield

Miss Jones

Miss Baddeley

Miss Hilton

Miss Johnson

Miss Maggs

Miss Cottrell

Miss Tompkins

Miss Wall

Miss Roberts

Miss Searle


Mrs Robottom


Mrs Brindley

£396.  10.  0d.

C Danks

Mrs Spence

Mrs Prior

Mrs Giddings