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CONTACT: Autumn 1966
Tribute to Frank Harold Whitehouse
on the occasion of his retirement

The Municipal Bank opened its doors to the public on the 1st September 1919 at the Head Office in the Water Department, and at 5 full time Branches round the city. On the same day 8 Evening Branches were opened on a basis of three evenings per week and staffed by a Manager assisted by a Night Clerk.


The Manager and Night Clerk allotted to the Acocks Green Branch of the Bank arrived to open up and commence work and found they were unable to obtain admission to the premises. Not to be deterred by such a trifling difficulty, the Night Clerk entered the Branch via the fanlight, tearing his trousers in the process, but as a result of this small sacrifice, the Branch opened on time. The Management were quick to realise that such determination must be recognised and the Night Clerk - who was none other than Mr F H Whitehouse - was persuaded to transfer from the Treasurer's Department to the Bank, early in 1920.


The sagacity of the Bank in persuading Mr Whitehouse to leave his previous Department was well exemplified by the enthusiasm he brought to bear for the 44 years he has been with us, and all who have worked for or with him will view his departure with regret.


Those who look at the Honours Board in Head Office will not fail to notice that he was the first man to qualify as an Associate of the Institute of Bankers, and many have benefitted from the advice he has been able to give them, particularly those who received their Savings Bank Law tuition from him at the College of Commerce.


A footballer of more than average ability, he has never lost his interest in the game, and when he ceased playing he became an enthusiastic supporter of Birmingham City, and a qualified supporter of the other local Clubs, although of recent years his interest has turned to amateur football and Moor Green Football Club in particular.


A member of the Auxiliary Fire Service during the War years he rendered yeoman service at the time the Air Raids were at their peak.


It is understood that he intends to devote much of his spare time to Golf, and it is our earnest wish that he will be able to spend many happy years following his various hobbies.


C. M. H.



(NOTE: prior to the Second World War, Frank Whitehouse managed a number of branches including Hay Mills; Aston Cross; Hall Green; Small Heath; Sparkbrook; and Balsall Heath. For the latter part of his career he held the position of Superintendent of Branches)