Staff Association

Tributes to three retiring members of staff:
Spring 1966: Florence Meggs
Summer 1966: Gertrude Leedham
Autumn 1966: Winifred Hilda Tyzzer

Miss Florence Meggs


Now that Miss Meggs has retired after 38 years on the Staff, I am sure that all her friends and colleagues will wish her happiness and good health in her new surroundings. She was always very helpful and patient with all those who sought her advice. (Oh those Coupons!)


Although working mainly in Head Office during these last years, Miss Meggs was a Branch Manageress during the war when she was one of the ladies who stepped in to hold the fort during the hostilities.


We wish her a long and happy retirement.


G F Leedham




Mrs Gertrude F Leedham


After twenty-one years we have said goodbye to Mrs Leedham. During that time Gertrude visited almost every Branch as she was on 'permanent relief'. Having served for nine years on the Staff Association Committee and also written the Ladies Page in this magazine, she always took a keen interest in the affairs of the Bank and Staff. As one of the younger members of the Staff remarked - "When talking with Mrs Leedham, you never got the impression that she was of a different generation". Her smiling face will be missed around the Branches and at Head Office where she often stood in as telephonist. I'm sure we all wish her many years of happy retirement.




Retirement of Miss W H Tyzzer


.This heading seems very formal when one is saying 'Au Revoir' to an old friend.


Although much of "Winn's" service since joining the Staff in 1939 was at HANDSWORTH Branch, she has become known and endeared herself to us all by her constant and unstinting help at social functions. She also put in much work on the more serious side of the Staff Association.


An accompanist to the 'Bank Notes', "Winn" always made them feel they were a strong currency by her gold backing.


We wish her a long and happy retirement and hope she will join us often during our off-duty frolics, when we may try and return a little of the hospitality so frequently enjoyed at her hands.


S. C. W.