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CONTACT: Autumn 1963
Solihull's Silver Celebration
by John Cox

On July 20th, a unique celebration took place at the Solihull Branch of the Bank. The Mess room, bedecked with flowers, witnessed the surely unaccustomed scene of wine, sausage rolls, cocktail biscuits and pastries.


The occasion? - - - - Twenty five years to the day since the Branch was opened. Alderman H W Miller who performed the official opening of the Branch in 1938, suggested that such an occasion should not be allowed to pass un-noticed and so this very pleasant little party was arranged.


Attending the celebrations were our Bank Chairman, Councillor Mrs E L Hobson, Alderman and Mrs H W Miller, the General Manager, Mr H J Sutherland, the Treasurer of Solihull, Mr G H Budd and Mr N Newcombe, Branch Manager.


With the celebrations taking place on a Saturday morning at 11-o-clock, the Staff were not able to participate, but after close of business the refreshments were polished off in no uncertain manner. They wandered home, full of good wishes to Alderman Miller for his enterprise and wishing that there were many more like him.