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Godfrey Boden retired on 27th June 1974, thereby completing forty eight years of service with the Bank.


His noteworthy career began on 3rd February 1926 and Branch Manager status was reached in 1949, followed by promotion to Branch Inspector in 1966 and finally to Superintendent of Branches in 1972 and it is in this post that many of the Staff have needed to call upon his extensive knowledge of the Bank and upon his excellent judgement. Always there has been revealed an energetic, dedicated and perceptive approach to every task performed, combined with an insatiable capacity for hard work.


In the affairs of the Savings Banks Institute his efforts  have been no less remarkable. Elected a Council Member in 1966, his valued opinion was quickly recognised and he served both on the Editorial and Examination Committees. Indeed, BMB examinees may well be poring over questions  set by G.L.B. for some time after he retired.


Those who have read articles in the SBI Journal over his nom-de-plume "Gelbie" know his gentle yet discerning style. We know too that he is an avid lover of all forms of the written word and that he is an erudite authority upon many and diverse historical, sociological and literary topics. Those of us who have been so fortunate as to be in daily contact with him have listened enthralled to his commentaries and quotations, invariably apt, always accurate.


G.L.B. has travelled extensively for many years throughout Europe and with accompanying skills in language and photography, has accumulated a wealth of pictorial and anecdotal records of his visits. (We hope that one day he will provide an illustrated lecture that will be comparable with his recent, most capable talk on "The Page Report").


Surrounding all his attributes we observe a natural modesty. Despite all his achievements he remains a philosophical, quiet man.


We would hope that he will enjoy his many interests and skills assured of our best wishes for a long and happy retirement, among his close friends and family, sadly without his wife Barbara who died some years ago.


It is with admiration and pride that we, his colleagues, have worked with him.


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(NOTE: prior to his promotion to Branch Inspector, Godfrey Boden managed Horse Fair, Hockley, Alum Rock, and Pype Hayes branches.
As a conscientious objector during the Second World War, Godfrey Boden was required by the City Council's rules to undertake an alternative occupation that would assist the war effort. However, it appears that his salary was made up to what he would have earned at the Bank. Over the period of the War, his salary would have increased from 260 to 405 per annum.
At the end of the War, Godfrey Boden's case was considered by the Bank Committee as detailed in the following Minutes:

August 27th 1945:


This officer registered as a conscientious objector and was suspended from the Bank on the 31st July 1940 in accordance with the Council's policy. Subsequently, he volunteered for the Fire Service and joined that Service on the 31st October 1941, whereupon he qualified to receive making-up pay in accordance with the Council's directions.


As a result of the standing down of the Fire Service, Boden received his notice of discharge, but on applying to the Ministry of Labour for permission to return to the Bank, he was told that he was originally directed by the Tribunal to undertake work in connection with the handling and distribution of food stuffs, and the Ministry's view was that, on ceasing to be in the Fire Service, he would have to return to that class of work. Boden has seen an official of the Ministry of Labour with a view to an appeal against that decision, but was told that there can be no appeal. The officer, however, has stated that if Boden can obtain a cancellation of the notice of discharge from the Fire Service and elects to remain in that Service, the Ministry would take no further action. He has obtained such cancellation and notifies me that he will be continuing with the Fire Service.


Boden has been in the service of the Bank since 8th February 1926, and having regard to the standing down of the Fire Service, and the demobilisation of men from the Forces, it seems unreasonable that Boden should be prevented from resuming the work for which he has had long training and gained valuable experience.


Another point arises as to his position if he continues with the Fire Service. It is clear that he received a notice of discharge in accordance with the standing down, and therefore I assume his remaining in that service is a voluntary action on his part. If that is so, will Boden be entitled to receive any making-up allowance under the changed circumstances? The allowance he received for the year ended 31st March 1945 amounted to 124. 10. 8d. The Town Clerk has been asked to advise.


7752   RESOLVED:- That the General Manager be requested to obtain further information as to the circumstances under which the N.F.S. reinstated Mr G L Boden in their service after he had been given notice of discharge; and that after ascertaining the facts the General Manager to confer with the Town Clerk, and if considered advisable put the matter to the Salaries, Wages and Labour Committee for their decision as to whether Boden will still be qualified to receive make-up pay under the conditions laid down by the City Council.
October 15th 1945:
I am informed by the Chief Fire Officer that Boden was directed into the Fire Service under the National Service Acts, and on the official records his trade is given as a "milk roundsman". The fact that he was served with a notice of discharge, which was subsequently cancelled at his own request does not mean that he is continuing in the Service in a voluntary capacity. He is still subject to regulations, which require him to continue until dismissed or discharged in accordance therewith. The position appears clear that if Boden was discharged from the Fire Service, he would be required to take up duties as a "milk roundsman". The point arises as to whether, under these circumstances, Boden is entitled to receive any making-up allowance from the Bank, such as he has received since joining the Fire Service.

The General Manager reported upon the advice given by the Town Clerk to the effect that Boden, whilst serving in the National Fire Service was entitled to receive make-up allowance with the instructions of the City Council.


7773   RESOLVED:- That Minute No 7752 be discharged.)

CONTACT: Summer 1974
G L Boden