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CONTACT: Spring 1970
Hewel E M Forman

H. E. M. FORMAN   An Appreciation


Hewel Forman retired at the end of February after over 40 years service with the Bank.


Of a most genial nature, at all times pleasant in manner, and completely unflappable, he had most of those characteristics which make for success in branch management. Few could deal better with the irate customer, or more easily rectify a sticky situation at the counter. I think it can be said, without fear of contradiction, that the Bank has been fortunate to have had the benefit of his services for so long.


He is a man of many and varied interests, and these will stand him in good stead in the years ahead. In his earlier years he was a tennis player of no mean ability and I recall with pleasure the many games we enjoyed together. His long service with the Bank was broken only by the war years during which he served his country in the R.A.F.


His many friends and former colleagues will, I know, join with me in wishing him and Mrs. Forman many years of happy retirement.


F. C. Batstone




(NOTE: In the latter part of his career, Hewel Forman was the manager of Pype Hayes; Wells Green; and Yardley branches.)