Staff Association
CONTACT: Autumn 1962
BMB Cricket Club

'OLD  UNS'   v   'YOUNG  UNS'


The staff cricket match this year was graced by the active presence of the ladies, who, from the results achieved, have firmly staked their claim to a repetition of the fixture - who knows, in time they may take over the running of the Cricket Club!!

The undoubted success of the match was Miss Susan "Typhoon" King whose express deliveries startled batsmen, wicket keeper, umpires etc., and who also scored fourteen runs. However all the ladies surpassed themselves - leading scorers were Miss Val Mitchell - six, Miss Janet Capener - five and Miss Pat Lane - three.

The match was a welcome relief from the league championship games, and, on a fine evening, was enjoyed by players and spectators alike. The support was excellent and this always leads to a pleasant evening and acts as an appreciation to the Staff Association for organising the events.

This Year the 'Old Uns' strode to victory. The series now stands at two-one in favour of the Youngsters (?) a needle match promised next year. The batting honours go to Dick Atkins with a fine thirty three for the 'Young Uns' and Frank Hood for an undefeated thirty three for the winners. At this point it is only right to say that the umpiring was of an exceptional standard and leave it at that.