Staff Association
News Letter: Autumn 1958
Miss Elsie Bullock
The above edition of the staff magazine included an
appreciation of the career of Elsie Bullock
Most of the older members of the Staff must feel that, with the retirement of Miss Elsie Bullock, one of the founders of the Bank has gone. Forty years is a long time and she has seen many changes - she has seen a very large Department of the Corporation grow from a very small beginning but her own personality has never changed. She still retains the same keen sense of humour, the same quick wit and the same broad outlook.
Though most of us are criticised in some way at some time, I have never heard anyone say an unkind word of her, and neither have I ever heard her speak unjustly of anyone. She has never been petty or small-minded, and everyone who knows her intimately, or who has worked with her, must have many happy memories. I am sure that we all hope that Elsie shares these memories with us and that she will enjoy a long and well-deserved retirement.
(NOTE: Elsie Bullock was a member of staff of the Bank's predecessor organisation: the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank)
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