Staff Association
CONTACT: Christmas 1970
Leonard F Evans
The Christmas 1970 edition of the staff magazine recorded the retirement of Len Evans with an article written by a colleague,
Clem Batstone. As a Branch Manager, Len was in charge of a number of offices including Shard End; Horse Fair; and Short Heath.

Leonard F Evans - An Appreciation


It gives me great pleasure to contribute this notice to mark the retirement of Len Evans.


Len has served the Bank well for over 40 years and will always be remembered for a meticulous attention to detail, the fine quality of his work, and a most conscientious approach to his daily task.


I have had the good fortune to be on terms of personal friendship with him since schooldays. Like all who know him, I have appreciated his abundant good humour and ready wit. Len loves talk and good company and is at his best with friends and colleagues. He has that gift for forceful expression which compels the attention of hearers.


Len had already joined up in the RAF when war broke out in 1939. Possibly his decision to volunteer, like my own, had some connection with the alternative of ARP duties, which neither of us much fancied.


I understand that Len and his wife have plans, not yet finalised, for settling in Somerset. Wherever they may go, they take with them the sincere wishes of friends and colleagues for a long and happy retirement.




Len Evans did settle in Somerset, as shown by the following letter that he wrote to Derek Horner (Chairman of the Staff Association's Social Committee) and which was reproduced in the Christmas 1973 edition of CONTACT.


Dear Derek,


Although your memo to retired members only called for a reply if a copy of each circular was required it is only courteous on my part to write and thank you for your consideration, obviously residing in Somerset, I am unable to take advantage of any function and it would be a complete waste of funds in postage to keep me informed. I am, however, grateful for the news of my old colleagues  through 'Contact'.


It would be remiss not to inform you how I have fared since retiring in December 1970 and in spite of decimalisation and VAT my head has only gone under water twice, it now depends on the next piece of legislation whether I sink for the third time and for good. I was extremely lucky to dispose of my flat in Sutton Coldfield and obtain a brand new two-­bedroomed bungalow in Berrow, a beautiful environment (seems to be the "in" word these days) before inflation began to bite. I have never been a gardener in any shape or form but being a new property I had to set to and learned that I had green fingers and now I am quite proficient at growing the easier vegetables such as lettuces, radishes, onions and tomatoes. In the flower line pansies, stocks and roses, any crop failure is soon rectified by next door and as every retired person seems to say, time goes too swiftly.


I live about eight miles from Bill Stanton whom I see usually once a week and I have also had the pleasure of seeing Wilf Gray and Bob Fryman in my "local". There are a number of Birmingham people retired here who know quite a number of present and past members of the staff. Roy Jennings's reference (in "Contact') to the fact that one of his neighbours knew me quite interested me and I would love to know who he is.


In the meantime it is nice to know that the Staff Association is in good heart, regardless of computerisation, longer opening hours and in my opinion, greatly increased responsibility.


Yours sincerely,


Len Evans.