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CONTACT: Autumn 1970
Stanley A Guy, MBE
The Autumn 1970 edition of the staff magazine recorded the retirement of the Bank's fifth General Manager: Stanley Guy.

Mr Guy joined the bank as a junior clerk in 1920, working at Head Office, but in 1930, at the age of 25, he was appointed Manager of Aston Cross branch.
With the outbreak of the Second World War, the number of male staff was depleted, and for a time, Mr Guy ran the Hall Green and Shirley branches. During the middle years of the War he took charge of Acocks Green branch, the largest at that time.
In 1947, he returned to Head Office as first-assistant in the House Purchase Department and three years later became the Superintendent.
Mr Guy was appointed Deputy General Manager on August 1st 1964, then becoming General Manager in December of the same year. During his term as General Manager (when he was awarded the MBE), the Bank celebrated 50 years of existence, and Mr Guy can be seen in the photographs taken at a Golden Jubilee reception in 1969. Stanley Guy recalled some of his experiences with the Bank at Memory-01

 (Stanley Guy died on May 1st 1997, aged 91)


Mr S A Guy joined the Staff of the Bank on 25th October 1920 as Office Boy and from that date onwards has occupied the positions of Ledger Clerk, Cashier, Branch Manager, House Purchase Superintendent and Deputy General Manager prior to his appointment as General Manager on 7th December 1964.


He is on record as having said after his first few weeks on the Staff of the Head Office, which then operated from shared accommodation with the City of Birmingham Water department in the Council House, that he had grave doubts as to the wisdom of his choice of career.


Those doubts possibly arose from the fact that he was allocated originally to the Stationery Department, which gave him little scope for those talents which emerged over the ensuing years. Certainly it has been to the Bank's advantage that he decided to remain with us.


His term of office as General Manager has been marked by more innovations and extensions of service than during any other period in the Bank's History, even allowing for the formative years of the 1920s: Current Accounts, Investment Department, a City Office, Credit and Debit Clearing and Streamlined Accounting, to mention but a few.


He also served two periods on the Council of the Savings Banks Institute and represented the Bank at countless meetings in connection with the Savings Movement throughout the country.


His outstanding characteristic was the ability to inspire loyalty in all those who worked with and for him and he takes into retirement the most sincere good wishes of us all that he and Mrs Guy will enjoy many happy years.


He has left Birmingham for a bungalow 36 miles away where he will happily pursue his hobbies of music and gardening, but we shall not lose touch with him as he has promised to come back from time to time.