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CONTACT: Summer 1970
S Frank Jones
The Summer 1970 edition of the staff magazine recorded the retirement of Frank Jones who joined the Bank in 1922 at the age of 17. He retired with the position of Branch Inspector. In his retirement, he recollected many aspects of his life and his career with the Bank, and these are reproduced at Memory-030.
Frank can be seen in the Bank's Assembly Hall in Image-097
(Frank Jones died on August 6th 1996, aged 91)

Once more, a long serving member of the Staff has left us for the recommended pleasures of retirement. This time it is in the person of Frank Jones who retired on the 22nd May last after 48 years of faithful and unstinting service with the Bank. Frank joined the Staff in 1922 from King Edward's Grammar School, Aston when the Bank was in its infancy, and outstanding service took him from junior clerk, cashier, branch manager and finally to senior Inspector of Branches.


Frank's service to his colleagues was, from the time he joined the Guild in 1923, as freely and energetically given as was his service to the Bank. As the Bank's representative he served for many years on the Guild Committee, culminating in 1954 with a very notable year as Guild President. He was the first Secretary of our own Staff Association, an office he continued to hold with distinction for many years and the Staff have reason to be grateful to him for his efforts on their behalf. His war time service with the A.R.P. was carried out with equal zeal.


Frank played golf and tennis, enjoyed dancing and in his retirement he will undoubtedly find time to indulge his favourite hobbies of photography and music as well as finding fresh delights in walks through the Shropshire countryside.


No one has given more unstintingly of their services to the Bank and we all wish Frank, and his sister Hilda, a long and happy retirement in the surroundings of their new bungalow at Ellesmere.