This section of the Website recalls various aspects of the BMB's history,
through personal recollections of staff members,
and also through articles written by them and others
 Revolver was kept on top of the safe  Stanley Guy
 Customers  Norman Worwood
 The BMB in 1949/1951  Stella Linnington (nee Bradbury)
 Perry Beeches Branch, and other adventures with Richard Mann  David Parkes
 Rubber Stamps and Their Dangers  Norman Worwood
 The New Cheque Service  Norman Worwood
 The March Balance, With a Difference  Norman Worwood
 Bank Accommodation  Norman Worwood
 Staff Discipline, or Burning the Candle at Both Ends  Norman Worwood
 Staff Discipline, re: Dress Codes  Norman Worwood
 Recruitment  Norman Worwood
 Qualifications, and the Last Chance Saloon  Norman Worwood
 Working Relationships  Norman Worwood
 Just People  Norman Worwood
 A 'Plumber' Calls  Richard Mann
 My First Day  Bob Fernie
 Preservation of the Bank's Assets  David Parkes; Keith Boden; Tony Green; Norman Worwood
 Kingstanding Branch, and a charismatic manager  David Parkes
 House Purchase Department  Eric Bignell
 500 Under Floorboards  [author unknown]
 My First Promotion  Steve White
 Reminisences, Tales, and Incidents  Frank Whitehouse
 A Few Random Recollections of the Birmingham Municipal Bank  Norman Ling
 Some Early Recollections of the Bank, including the Corporation Savings Bank  Marion Robottom
 Incidents - Humorous and Otherwise: 1922 - 1969  Hedley Massey
 Memories  Len Wright
 Early Days at Sparkbrook Branch  Harold Carver
 Recollections of the Bank's Committee Clerk  Arthur Everall
 Safe Deposit Department  Norman Monk
 Memories  Frank Jones
 Banking Tales  Albert Williams
 Forty Years a Showman  Albert Williams
 Broad Street Revisited  David Parkes
 Nostalgia  Fred Parsonage
 The Day the Municipal Bank Obstructed the Tram Track  Charles Harper
 Two Amusing Incidents  Frank Ellison
 Memories of the Early Days of the Bank  Henry Bayliss
 All by Hand!  Norman Worwood
 Relief Working  Norman Worwood
 A Moving Experience  Harry Calver
 Talking it Out  Godfrey Boden
 .... and Saturday Morning  Harry Calver
 A Day in the Life of a Branch Manager  Norman Worwood
 Humour at the Municipal Bank  [author unknown]
 Let Me See My Money  H V Morton
 The Husband's Pocket Money  [author unknown]
 Magic Moments  Harry Calver
 Floral Tributes  Godfrey Boden
 The Bank Chess Club  Norman Worwood
 Short Memories  Sue Brookes; Michael Bourke; Jeanette Parkes
 One Man's Journey  Howard Powell
 Counter Productive  David Parkes
 Memories of my Working Career  John Marshall
 Opening a Branch Bank in 1919  Frank Whitehouse
 Frank  Hood
 Bankers in Uniform - 2  Bernard Hayward
 Bankers in Uniform - 3  Geoff Payne
 Them Lawful Occasions  Ted Viney
 Humour in the Telephone Exchange  Marjorie Rayner
 The Bank as Seen Through the Eyes of a Junior  [author unknown]
 Around the Branches in Eighty Days  Les Dobson & Norman Yardley
 Half-Crowns in their Petticoats  Various (17 members of the Bank's staff)
 Saving at the Local Municipal  Various
 But Once a Year  Harry Calver
 The Joys of Working at a Branch  [authors unknown]
 A Gassy Story  E M & H Peers
 Bother Over Bearwood  [author unknown]
 The Modern Bank Clerk  [author unknown]
 Down Memory Lane  Harold Turner
 Recollections of my Career (1962 - 1990)  John Winterbottom
 Neville Chamberlain Centenary  Stanley Guy
 'My Story' by Home Safe Number 1396  Nick Bright & David Parkes
 A Stationery, but not stationary career - My time with BMB  Brenda Harvey (formerly Brenda Hayter)
 My Career with the Bank  Gilbert Sherborne
 My Memories of the Machine Posting System  Maureen Limbrick
 More Recollections of my Career (1962 - 1990)  John Winterbottom
 REVLAC ............ Retired Unhurt ............. 43  Harry Calver
 Staff Conferences  [author unknown]
 Off with the Old - On with the New  Margaret Smith
 House Purchase Department - A Personal Reflection  Michael Bourke
 Memories of the Football Club's Pontoon  Michael Bourke
 Having to Work in Damp Socks!  Ian Galloway
 Bankers in Uniform - 4  Clem Batstone
 Shard End Branch and John Walter Smith  Ian Galloway
 Mistaken Identity  Ian Galloway
 Branches (and Branch Managers) I have known  Keith Boden
 My Nineteen Year Banking Career  Barry Hicks
 The World Is What It Is  David Parkes
 Just Getting On With It  Michael Bourke
 BMB Memoirs 1967-1976  Graham M Bowden
 A Granddaughter's Memories  Sally Cherry
 Carrying On Without Electricity  David Skett
 My BMB Memories  Derek Horner