Staff Association
News Letter: Christmas 1955
(set by Revlac)
With the start of yet another session of studies for those unfortunate members of staff who have not yet reaped the inestimable benefits of becoming fully qualified in their chosen profession, it is felt that they may best be able to assess their chances in the next examinations by testing themselves out with these simple questions set by a former student who now finds it increasingly difficult to pay the annual subscription to the Institute.

Should these questions prove of benefit, the students so helped may obtain the writer’s account number from the Editor. No donation, however small, will be refused.

At your branch there is an account in the name of the local Temperance Society. The Secretary pays in to the account £500 in £5 notes
on the back of each of which notes is printed by rubber stamp the words “The Kings Head Hotel”. Should this deposit be accepted
without reference to the Branch Manager?
The Secretary of the local Diddlum Club gives notice to withdraw £300 - in cash - and at the same time enquires as to the best method
of taking a large sum of money to South America. What is your answer, and why?
On taking a pass book and a receipt to your ledger, you find that there is a pencil note on this account which says “aged about 50, small,
grey haired, and wears glasses.” The depositor at your desk, on the other hand, is about 25, 6' 4", and bears all the outward
characteristics of Rocky Marciano. He also appears to be carrying a Butcher’s knife. Are you justified in asking for another opinion on
the specimen signature?
At 5 minutes to twelve on a Saturday morning, three small boys appear at your desk, each with a coupon card for 3d. which they express
a desire to cash. All of them appear to be obtuse. You have in your pocket a half guinea ticket for the F.A. Cup Semi Final at Villa Park,
kick off 2:15pm. Describe in detail what you would do.
Exchange Control. On going into the Private Office to open an account, you find that your prospective customer is a man of advanced
years, with beard, matted hair, and a style of suiting which went out at the turn of the century. He also has a peculiar address in
Hollywood. He tenders a Soap Voucher with which to open the account. Should you consult Head Office before proceeding further?
A firm near your Branch runs a Direct Transfer Savings Scheme. Seven of the ten employees who are members, opened accounts in
1942 with initial deposits of 1/-. They have had monthly credits of £1 each since that date, all of which have been immediately withdrawn,
so that the balance of each account now stands at 1/- (with interest). You are invited to give a lecture on the benefits of the Direct
Transfer Scheme by the local Controller of National Savings. State clearly what you would like to say.