Staff Association
News Letter: Autumn 1955
Dear Sir,

I feel that the time has come to protest at the attitude of the Staff Association Committee in charging Non-members of the Association higher prices for social occasions. There are many like myself who cannot see the sense of contributing to the Association when there are others prepared to pay, but what justification is there for depriving us of the benefit enjoyed by members.

I write with bitterness as one who has regularly advised the Committee as to their faults and suggested to them that it was time to get some new ideas. I have often sent in my name for social events and have never failed to ring up either on the day, and even the day before to ask for my name to be deleted. At great inconvenience I once attended an Annual General Meeting as I thought I might hear something to my advantage, and was shocked that no-one raised the matters I had in mind. I did however complain to the Chairman afterwards and was surprised at his remarks.

Whilst I am not of a critical nature may I draw your attention to the following points:
1 The cancelling of events owing to alleged lack of support, on one occasion I did not know until the actual day, and would not have been
    told then, if I had not had the forethought to ring the secretary up and tell him that I intended to be there.

2 Members of the staff complain that they are not advised of functions. With the present issue of one circular to each branch it is impossible
   to show one’s own disgust by throwing the paper in the waste paper basket, and let everyone know about affairs.

3 We wait for years for a news letter and then you Sir completely ignore this side of the city; the next thing we shall be told is that no-one has
   given you information: and how, Sir, could it be news to read what has happened to a member at one’s own branch.

I had hopes to tell you more fully how you should run this news letter and also to tell of how to get the fullest enjoyment from the Staff Association but I find myself trespassing on my own toes.

Yours etc.,

N.O.F. Hoole