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CONTACT: Christmas 1974








In my capacity as Secretary I have to be completely impartial when reporting the affairs of the Club, but this year the task is more than a little difficult.


The tournaments have gone well, with the contestants playing matches by the dates stated. For this I am very pleased, and thank everyone concerned. The Gentlemen's Singles provided shocks with two seeds going out in the first round:


    Roger Bond beat John Britten 6-4, 6-2.

    David Turner beat Roger Garner 4-6, 6-3, 8-6.


The semi-final between John Ordish and Graham Capener produced a dramatic finish. Graham developed cramp after three hours play when leading 5-3 in the third set; and subsequently lost it 7-5.


In the final, John Ordish, the defending champion and No. 1 seed retained his title by beating unseeded Larry Sharrard 6-1, 6-4.


The long and scintillating run of Doubles wins by John Ordish and John Britten has ended, but I am sure they will consider the title to be only out on short term loan and will be fighting to regain it next season. In the final they lost on a windy (gale force at times) and wet evening to Graham Capener and Peter Aston 9-7, 2-6, 2-6.


My seeding policy has always been to seed the previous year's semi-finalist for the singles, and finalists for the doubles. I can see no reason for changing it.


In response to letters, originated by myself, the Club has extended its sporting and social activities during 1974. In addition to the matches in the Birmingham Metropolitan Lawn Tennis League, friendlies have been played against Wolverhampton and Walsall TSBs. These matches gave everyone the opportunity to meet people from other Banks and compare notes. The Club intends keeping these contacts alive to facilitate the pooling of banking knowledge.


The Club evenings have been well attended with an all time record of 22 on 30th July. Because of this development I have been making enquiries as to the possibilty of a further court being built for next season. The Ladies' section has been a success, after stagnating for a number of years. The enlarged membership justified the holding of a Ladies' Singles tournament.


The 'A' team (as I predicted in a previous edition of 'Contact') has found its level by finishing half way in Division 1. The 'B' team, from whom I was hoping great things, did not quite fulfill their potential. They will have to be content with a Division 4 place for another season.


The following members have represented the Club in matches during 1974:


    John Ordish, John Britten, Michael Tarver, Graham Capener, David Turner, Ed Stokes, Peter Aston, Larry Sharrard, Roger Garner,

    Roger Bond, Malcolm Glenn, Chris Watson, Stephen Barnsley, Ken Prentice, F. C. Batstone, Norah Cory, Carol Gaffney,

    Janet Aston, Dick Atkins, Donald Coton, Graham Boden and Chris Riordan.



Peter Aston
Lawn Tennis