Staff Association
CONTACT: Autumn 1961

A for Accounts, they work up the stairs.


B for the Balance year after year.


C for the Cash which is our stock in trade.


D for the Diff. which by all has been made.


E for Exams. - AIB, SBI.


F is for Filing (J follows I).


G for the Girls, let's praise and adore 'em.


H for Home Safe, we cannot ignore 'em.


I for the Ink that we use by the quart.


J for the pen not allowed to be bought.


K for the Kicks which we all seem to get.


L for the Leave (I've not had mine yet).


M is for Manager, Branch or Relief.


N for the Notices - make 'em all brief.


O for the Offices of which we have many.


P is for Pound, also the odd Penny.


Q is for Queue - enough has been said.


R - Requisition that never gets read.


S for our Salary - Wot NO INCREASE.


T for the Time Sheet without any crease.


U for Utility. Make do and mend.


V is for Vacancy - advertisements send.


W for Basket, Waste Paper - for letters.


X 305 and accounts of our betters.


Y do it at all is the question that bothers.


Z for Ward End and there aren't any others.


S. Easy.