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CONTACT: Summer 1972
The membership of the Motoring Club has rapidly increased and it is hoped that now it has become established, the facilities offered to members will also increase. The Insurance Scheme is assisting members when they don't claim against their own Motor Insurance Companies for small amounts, thereby saving the loss of the No Claims Bonus. Details of the benefits to members can be obtained from any members of the Motoring Club Committee. The film show held at Head Office on 14th March provided an enjoyable evening's entertainment and it is hoped that more of these will be held during the winter months.

The visit to Fort Dunlop was well attended, our hosts giving us a very interesting evening. We were shown the entire process of tyre manufacture and given refreshments afterwards. The Club is now endeavouring to arrange other factory visits.

We have entered a team in the R. E. Gillies Trophy Rally on 3rd September which will take us on a course through the Welsh mountains and hopefully we expect to better last year's fourteenth position.

Other items being discussed at the moment include a treasure hunt starting at Shirley and covering about fifty miles, details of which are now being finalised. A trip to London to coincide with the Motor Show is also being discussed and if arranged will take place in October.

Several members have asked if it is possible to arrange outings to motor racing circuits and motor cycle scrambles and the Committee are looking into this. Tickets for motor racing meetings at Oulton Park, Mallory Park and Brands Hatch can be obtained by the Club at a reduction of up to 50p per ticket.

Over the next few editions of "Contact" I hope to be able to pass on a few hints and tips that may be found useful.
Before a long drive, the four main things to check are:
Battery: - check water level. Top up only with distilled water, covering the internal plates by no more than one-quarter inch of water. Ensure
                 that the terminals are free from dirt.
Radiator: - check water level and for leaks on the honeycomb.
Plugs: - check the leads are secure.
Oil: - check the level with the dipstick. Too much oil is as bad as too little. If the dipstick shows a black sludge instead of clear oil, the oil
         needs changing. If there are any tiny specks of metal on the dipstick an engine bearing is wearing badly and needs immediate
If you are touring on holiday this year you may find the following items useful:
Around Britain - First Aid Box and manual, gallon of petrol, petrol funnel, list of car agents, temporary plastic windscreen, spare set of keys,
     spare fan belt, tow rope, warning triangle, fire extinguisher.
Abroad - the above plus a pint of brake fluid, tyre pressure gauge, set of contact breakers, set of spark plugs, spare bulbs and fuses,
      condenser, radiator hoses, rotor arm, radiator sealant and valve cores.
In an emergency you may find that:
 A sliced potato rubbed on the windscreen gives reasonable clearance from rain.
 A twisted nylon stocking can act as a fan belt.
 A small coin is useful for turning some screws.
 Happy motoring,
 Hon. Secretary