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CONTACT: Summer 1972
The 1971/72 Football season has been the most rewarding season the Bank Football Club has had in its ten years of existence.
Most people are now aware that this Bank won the North West Trustee Savings Banks Cup Tournament when they beat Blackburn TSB 4-2 in a memorable Final played at Gigg Lane, Bury on 2nd May. This was the first year of entry into the competition and winning was a magnificent achievement. Two goals from Derek Horner and other goals from David Burke and Brian Wilkins assured the Bank of victory. The match was played at a furious pace with plenty of effort by all players and praise must go to all the Bank team for the way they achieved this victory. The trophy was presented on the field of play to the bank captain, John Mace and can be seen in Banking Hall where it will remain for at least twelve months. (players assure me at least five years!)
The Bank team also reached the Semi-Finals and Quarter Finals in the South Birmingham Cup Competitions and finished a creditable 4th in the final League placings.
The full playing record for Season 1971/72 is as follows:-
Played 31; Won 17; Drawn 5; Lost 9: For 85; Against 56
The complete list of goal scorers is as follows:-
    John Mace .............. 23
    Brian Wilkins ...........18
    Derek Horner ............ 9
    Ian Galloway .............. 8
    Terry Hinz ................... 8
    Kevin Lediard ............ 7
    Ken Foster ..... 5
    David Burke ....... 3
    Ken Prentice .............. 1
    Tony Byrne ......... 1
    Ray Lovell ... 1
    Roger Parker . 1
Player of Year Award - (M P Bourke Trophy)
The presentation was made to Terry Hinz by the Bank Football Club Chairman Mr R Atkins at the Football and Tennis Club Buffet Dance held at the Guild Club on 13th May.
Terry fully deserved this award for his effort and sportsmanship which he showed throughout the season.
Buffet Dance
This function was very successful and it is hoped that similar dances will be arranged in future years.
I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the General Manager for allowing all players leave of absence to enable certain matches to be played.
I would also like to thank Miss E Jones and the typists for assisting with my circulars during the past nine months.
I do not intend to continue as Secretary next season but I am sure my successor (yet to be appointed) will be able to provide the same kind of service and I wish him well in that position.
Finally my thanks to you all for your kind remarks which have been greatly appreciated.
R M Garner
Hon Secretary