Staff Association
CONTACT: Christmas 1974
Report by Derek Horner - Chairman of the Staff Association's Socials Committee

As 1974 draws to a close I reflect on the Socials Calendar with a great deal of satisfaction for the functions arranged, yet also realise that every function teaches us a little lesson; "you are always learning in this game baby" a certain someone once said.

This year of course saw new ventures with Coombe Abbey and a Police visit, not forgetting Mr. Hayward's farewell and the Miss BMB which was a fantastic evening. At the time of writing, I am preparing for the Christmas Party at the Guild Club, another new activity which I hope has by now proved a hit. The Canal Trip was popular and a theatre trip will be a cert. next year.

Your Socials Committee this year was Mesdames Sutton and Beamish (nee Gaffney), Messrs. Garner, Houghton and not forgetting our never to be forgotten Chairman, gosh what's his name.

On behalf of us all,
Merry Christmas and a Very Sociable New Year.
Derek Horner (Chairman)