Annual Reports - 1945
The 1944/1945 Published Report is dated June 1945 - between 'Victory in Europe' and 'Victory in Japan'. During the year total deposits increased by 8.3 million, contributing to the 37.4 million saved for the War Finance Campaign. With hostilities coming to an end, the report places emphasis on the benefits of house purchase - at March 31st 1945 the proportion of Mortgage Advances to Deposits has fallen to 2.63%, compared with 8.28% six years earlier. During the current year, repayment of House Purchase Advances (284,515) far exceeded advances made on new loans (79,826). The efforts of the Bank's depositors in relation to the War Finance Campaign was acknowledged by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and a copy of his letter is reproduced in both the Published Report and the Council Report. Reference is made to bomb damage at some of the Bank's premises - the most severely damaged branch being Alum Rock which had to be completely rebuilt in 1953. The Published Report's content and layout has been amended from the truncated version of the war years: the Income & Expenditure A/c and Balance Sheet are printed on the same page; the Auditors' Report is relegated to page 8; and a bar chart has been introduced to show the Bank's progress over the previous 20 years. Eight-one members of staff were called up for War service; three gave their lives.
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