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The Rules for the Birmingham Municipal Bank pursuant to the Birmingham Corporation Act, 1919 stated that The management of the Bank shall be vested in a Committee of Management appointed annually by the Corporation, acting by the Council of the City of Birmingham, consisting of not more than fifteen members, with the Lord Mayor ex-officio, of whom ten at least shall be members of the Council of the City of Birmingham.
The Commitee of Management shall appoint a Manager, who shall superintend and manage the Bank in conformity with the Act, Birmingham Municipal Bank regulations, and these rules, and such other directions as the Committee of Management may give from time to time.

The Manager referred to in the preceding paragraph was given the title General Manager in October 1922, and those appointed to this position in the period September 1st 1919 to March 31st 1976 are listed under Senior Management.
The management of the Bank under the Birmingham Corporation Act, 1919 ceased on April 1st 1976, when the business of the BMB was transferred to the Birmingham Municipal Trustee Savings Bank under the provisions of the Trustee Savings Banks Act, 1969. The management of that Bank are detailed at Birmingham Municipal TSB.

The categories listed below give the names of the individuals who held office at the various levels of management within the Bank. Unless stated otherwise, the source of the information is the Bank's Annual Report and Statement of Accounts, and dates given therefore relate to the position at the end of each Financial Year.

Lord Mayors ex-officio members of the Bank's Committee of Management
(Lord Mayors of Birmingham: 1920 to 1974, Birmingham City Council Lord Mayors 1973 to 1976)



Senior Management

Branch Management
Lady Branch Managers

The following sections provide additional information regarding the management of the Bank:

Managerial Appointments (listed alphabetically):
Management and Officials
Annual Salaries: J P Hilton & F Ellison

Management in 1969

Birmingham Municipal TSB
Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank
Committee Reports to the City Council
Annual Reports