Staff Association Annual Report - 1960

Report for the year ended 31st October, 1960


In presenting the Annual Report your Committee regrets that during the past year it has had to record the deaths of two Association members. Mr Patrick Joseph McQuaid, a retired member, died on the 26th May and Mr Lewis Archibald Instone, Chairman of the Association from 1955 - 1957, met his death in a road accident on the 17th September. Last respects were paid by Association members at the funeral services.


It is also regretted that during the latter half of the year our General Manager was absent from his duties as a result of illness but it is the earnest hope of all members that he will soon be restored to complete health.


Management Committee.


A vacancy was created by the resignation from the Staff of Committee Member Mrs A N Barnett, and Mrs M M Stanley was elected to take her place on the Management Committee until the next election, under the provision of Rule 9(g).




It is gratifying to report that during the year membership of the Association increased from 270 to 282, the highest figure yet recorded, representing almost 90% of the staff. The fact that during this period 11 Association members left the staff on retirement or resignation makes the increase in membership all the more noteworthy and the interest shown by new staff members in joining the Association is most encouraging.




The following Social events were organised by your Committee during the year:


Annual Outing

New Year Party

Staff Cricket Match

Children's Party

Sausage & Mash Supper

Social Evening

Annual Dance

Visit to Dunlop Factory

Record Evenings

Ramble (Bewdley)

Square Dance

Brecon Bowls Match

Theatre Visits

Car Treasure Hunt

Retirement Social (Mr F W Parsonage)


In addition to the above, the Golfing Society, Cricket Club and the newly-formed Rambling Club have carried out their own programmes and the Handicraft Class has met regularly during the Winter Season. As mass response to social arrangements seems to be a thing of the past it is now the policy to organise events aimed at comparatively small but varied groups of interested members. Your Committee is always prepared to consider any new activity if support would appear to warrant it.


Staff Benevolent Fund


In accordance with the Resolution passed at the last Annual General Meeting, the sum of 10, the proceeds of the sale of the Billiards Table and equipment, was donated to the Benevolent Fund.


During the year, Mr E A Howlett was elected as one of the three Trustees of the Fund, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the retirement from that office of Mr J W Raftery. Appreciation has already been recorded for the services of Mr Raftery in this respect.


Approaches to the Management


Cordial relations continue to exist between the Management and your representatives and have facilitated any approaches that have been made. Regarding the reference to Annual Leave in our last Annual Report, the Management, after carefully assessing the likely position next year, and in consultation with us, regrets that it is not yet possible to reduce the number of holiday periods to 10, but the question will remain under review.


We are grateful for the help and co-operation given by the General Manager in connection with the retirement function in honour of Mr F W Parsonage, and wish to place on record our appreciation of the facilities which continue to be afforded us for the use of the Assembly Hall for Social functions and Association meetings.


Conditions of Service


Your Committee was concerned during the year with the deterioration in the relative position of Relief Branch Manager within the grading structure of the Bank, and representations were made in April of this year through the Birmingham Municipal Officers Guild to the Bank Committee on behalf of this group of Officers.


Association Journal


The quarterly journal of the Association "Contact", which "came of age" during the year, continues to afford an excellent forum for the expression of member's views and a means of keeping the membership informed of Association activities. Both are of especial value in view of the scattered nature of the staff. Our appreciation must again be expressed to the Editor, Mr H W Powell; to "Inky" our cartoonist and to the Secretarial Office for their work in producing the magazine.




In accordance with the Resolution passed at the last Annual General Meeting, record playing and amplifying equipment was purchased by the Association, and crockery and teaspoons were provided out of funds. This capital expenditure, together with the expenses incurred in providing a free buffet for Staff members attending the retirement function of Mr Parsonage, more than accounts for the excess of expenditure over income during the year.


Sick Members


Every endeavour is made to ensure that where staff members are away sick for more than two weeks they are visited by Association representatives. We appreciate the co-operation of members in making these visits to sick colleagues. It is hoped that members who are absent at the moment because of sickness will soon be fit and able to resume their duties once again.


Retired Members


This section of the Staff Association ends the first full year, since its formation, with a membership of 30. Every effort is being made to maintain contact with our retired colleagues, and from letters received, the receipt by them of copies of "Contact" is much appreciated. We are anxious to develop to a greater degree the participation by retired members in social functions and suggestions towards this end are invited.




It is not possible to mention all who during the year have assisted the Management Committee in organising and carrying out the Association's programme, but particular mention must be made of the Typists' and Secretarial Office, the Accounts Department, Miss Meggs, Mrs Cunyngham and the Staff of the Canteen, Mr and Mrs Pearce, Mr Maggs, and of Mr Coney for his work in once more auditing the Association Accounts. Thanks must also be expressed to all those members who, during the year, have assisted in as many extraneous jobs connected with the Association's activities in general.


K N WHITTAKER (Chairman)

B R ENDALL (Hon Secretary)