Staff Association Annual Report - 1961

Report for the year ended 31st October, 1961


It is with the deepest regret that we have to record the deaths during the past year of Miss E Boucher and Miss N K Pogson and of two of our Retired Members, Mrs B M Buckley and Mr W J Blakeman. Last tributes were paid by representatives of the Association.


We also regret to record the premature retirement through ill-health of Miss E Greenwood, Miss L F Lewis and Mrs G M Hamar. Our best wishes are extended to these members with the hope that retirement will have a beneficial effect on their health.


Congratulations were offered on behalf of members to Mr J L E Edwards who received the George Medal from Her Majesty the Queen at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in recognition of his gallantry during the armed raid at his Branch.




A vacancy was created during the year by the resignation, on the happiest of grounds, of Mrs M M Stanley. Mrs J Baulcombe was elected to take her place until the next election under the provisions of Rule 9(g).




An increase over last year was shown by membership figures at the 31st October, the total being 293 with a further 30 retired members. Retirement and resignation losses have thus been more than made good, thanks to the excellent support of new staff members, 27 of whom have taken up membership during the year.




Your Committee's policy outlined in last year's report has been continued and another comprehensive Socials Programme carried out, augmented by the programmes of the Golfing Society and the Cricket and Rambling Clubs. Substantial efforts are thus still being made to encourage social contact between members. Suggestions regarding future programmes will be welcomed and acted upon if practicable. Innovations this year in the form of a canal cruiser trip and a week-end outing to Blackpool were fully supported. Changes in the venue of the Theatre Parties have also proved popular.




During the year an approach was made to the General Manager regarding the standards of accommodation, heating, lighting, ventilation and cooking facilities at Head Office and Branches. Your Committee has been informed by Mr Sutherland that an examination by a Public Lighting Department expert of four specimen Branches would be made and an opinion obtained as to the adequacy or otherwise of the lighting equipment. Reports from Branch Managers of any inefficient or inadequate heating systems would be investigated and, if possible, rectified.




Your Committee is pleased to report that, as a result of the representations made by the Guild on our behalf before the commencement of the current year, a settlement was reached resulting in improvements dating from the 1st January 1961 in the remuneration of our Relief Branch Managers, and anomalies resulting therefrom were adequately dealt with by the Bank Committee.




Our magazine "Contact" has had another successful year thanks to the work of the Editor, Mr H W Powell, with the assistance of his artists and the subscribers to its columns. The work of the Secretarial Staff in ensuring publication is very much appreciated.




The reference from the Annual General Meeting of 1961 instructing your Committee to explore the possibility of the Association instituting a Memorial in honour of the late Lewis Instone was given detailed consideration during the year.


Your Committee were grateful for the help in this matter of Mr H Turner and Mr L Dobson, the mover and seconder of the original motion, and for suggestions received from individual members.


It is the opinion however of the Management Committee that, whilst the services rendered to the Association by Mr Instone are recognised and appreciated, it would not be appropriate to proceed with the question of a Memorial and, therefore, recommend that no further action be taken.




Your Committee continued its efforts in making or arranging visits to members absent because of sickness, and extends its thanks to those members who have so willingly carried out such visits on behalf of the Association. It is hoped that members absent through illness at the time this report is circulated will soon be well and able to resume their duties.




Once more the Management Committee express its thanks to all members who have so effectively assisted in the carrying out of Association activities during the year. Particular mention must be made of the Typists' Office, the staff of the Accounts Department, Miss Meggs, Mrs Cunyngham and the staff of the Canteen, Mr Maggs for his jack-of-all-trades activities on our behalf, and Mr Coney for once more auditing the Accounts of the Association.


Finally, we would once more extend the thanks of the Association to the General Manager for the courtesy shown at all times to your representatives and for the facilities provided during the year. It is gratifying to all of us that since our last report the health of Mr Sutherland has shown such improvement.


K N WHITTAKER (Chairman)


B R ENDALL (Hon Secretary)