Annual Reports
Annual Reports - 1926
The reports for the financial year ending March 31st 1926, and the calendar year ending December 31st 1926, record the deaths of two Committee members: Charles Appleby (the Bank's Chairman) and Eldred Hallas. The role of Chairman is taken by Percival Bower, a role that he maintains until 1932. The number of depositors and their total funds continues to increase and is approaching 200,000 and 7 million at March 31st. Although the report to the Council is positive in regard to the House Purchase Department, the internal report of the General Manager speaks of abuse by some mortgagors in relation to Corporation houses. Progress is reported on the system for the payment of Electricity and Gas accounts, and at long last, the General Manager is able to state that the Overseers have paid the costs of collecting Rates accounts. The number of staff has now risen to 135, there are 23 full-time branches, a system of deposit slips has been introduced, and the Bradbury Committee has been established to examine the extension of municipal banks. During the year, the first member of the staff to complete the examinations of the Institute of Bankers is named as Frank Whitehouse.
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