BMB Chess Club: 1962/63
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CONTACT No 31 - Spring 1963



The Bank teams' strivings for the "Silver Rook" trophy ended much as in other years - - we were the losing finalists after an extremely encouraging series.

Following a preliminary round, the "A" and "B" teams were drawn against Transport "A" and "B" teams, a youthful and enthusiastic group led, incidentally by the son of our Mr E Spencer. The games were played in most pleasant surroundings including bar facilities (Chris Addis plays an inspired game with a half-pint at his elbow!) and we were almost sorry to repay the hospitality by winning comfortably in each match.

The draw next provided an easy match -- Bank "A" versus Bank "B", and a win was conceded to Bank "A".

The final versus Town Clerk's Department was played on 21st February. Howard Powell, one of our staunchest supporters, had by misfortune missed the previous match, and again on this occasion reluctantly withdrew due to his heavy "Guildsman" commitments. John Cox, who had previously acted as an "A" team substitute, was unavailable and at the last moment, Peter Taylor of Selly Park Branch came along. The team therefore consisted of Messrs K Parkes, R Wozencroft, J Britten and P Taylor.

With relative merits somewhat unknown, it was decided to experiment and match Roy Wozencroft against the well-known Midlands chess-player, Mr P Gibbs. Roy played gallantly for almost an hour but was forced to resign. The next victim was Peter Taylor, who had been given the unenviable task of playing the redoubtable blind player, Mr Garth Jenkins, and though for a time play seemed even, Peter eventually succumbed to a massive attack.

By the rules, our only hope of winning the trophy now lay with Keith Parkes and John Britten. Each was matched against strong opposition and after a tense three and a quarter hours, John Britten drew -- in a King v King finish. Keith Parkes' game, now non-decisive in the overall result, was equally gruelling and with a lot of play still possible, he and his opponent agreed a draw. (Both Mr Parkes and Mr Britten are at Quinton Branch -- what does Mr Condon rear them on?)

It was an indeed gratifying result against formidable opposition and we look forward to the next opportunity with well-founded optimism.

"En Passant"