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CONTACT: Christmas 1962
BMB Football & Cricket Clubs


The long awaited contest between the Cricket and Football Clubs took place on September 19th 1962. Both teams, tastefully arrayed for the occasion, with the Football Club in Gold and White, the Cricket Club in White and Black, arrived punctually and a prompt start was made. From the beginning the Cricket Club played attacking football forcing the less experienced Football Club players on to the defensive. However, with a combination of luck, last-minute tackles and poor shooting on the part of their opponents they held out until ten minutes from the interval. Following a series of shots from the Cricket Club forward line, Eric Bignell steadied himself and placed the ball in the bottom right hand corner of the net.


With this lead the Cricket Club began the second half as they did the first - on the attack! Then, following a quick breakaway, the Football Club scored. David Parkes, for once out of the shadow of Ray Lovell accepted a short pass and made no mistake with his shot. This brightened up the FC's forwards considerably and four minutes later they scored again, Les Webber hammering back a John Ordish shot which goalie Peter Aston had managed to punch out. David Parkes then added yet another giving a 3 - 1 lead to the Football Club. This spurred the Cricket Club forwards into action, but once again poor shooting ruined good approach work and they were kept at bay until 15 minutes from time Ray Lovell ran through the defence on his own and scored their second goal. Now determined to level the score an all out attack developed, resulting in Eric Bignell scoring with a powerful fifteen yard drive.


A fair result, the match provided good entertainment for players and spectators, and thanks are due to Ref. Mr J E Watts and linesmen Mr K N Whittaker and Mr C O'Connor.