Next Memory

The fiftieth edition of "Contact" has invoked your Editor to ask me to delve into the past and revive memories of its inception. This to me immediately means thinking of Lewis Instone, the then Chairman of the Staff Association, and the man whose brainchild this journal was. I am pleased to accept this opportunity to pay a tribute to Lew's memory. He was completely devoted to the cause of changing the image of the Staff Association, so that it should become capable of influencing service conditions, as well as arranging social functions. His efforts were selfless, and I believe were made at a personal sacrifice. His untimely death was a terrible tragedy.


Lew, having sold his idea of a Staff Journal to the Staff Association Committee, approached me to become its first Editor. This honour was thrust upon me because I had issued, during some of the war years, a news-sheet to those members of the Staff away with the various branches of the services. I trust that at least some of the readers will remember those news-sheets, and the parcels of comforts that usually accompanied them. It was work that gave me great satisfaction. However, I digress.


Lew having dragooned me into the Office, we sought an interview with the General Manager, Mr. H. Carver, who agreed that the Staff could be well served by such a journal and arranged for its publication by the Typists Office. We were on our way. I am sure that it has proved its worth and has progressed from strength to strength. I still regard it with some parental concern and I am delighted to see the pleasure which each issue brings to its readers. I should like to conclude with some extracts from the first Editorial.




JUNE 1955

"I have great pleasure in presenting this, your first News Letter. Your staff Committee thought that this would serve to disseminate items of general interest and so bring a scattered Staff somewhat closer together.


"I will stress at once that I believe to succeed, this News Letter must rely upon YOU. I shall need YOUR help in getting those items of interest usually known to a few local branches, but of which the main body of the Staff remain unaware.


"As is customary, this new venture was not born without some pains and anxieties. We are on our legs, if a little uncertain. Please help the infant gain in strength".




Down Memory Lane


In an article in the Christmas 1967 edition of CONTACT,

Harold Turner recalls the inception of the Staff's Magazine