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CONTACT: Christmas 1960
Lewis Archibald Instone
An article in the Christmas 1960 edition of the staff magazine records the death of Lew Instone, the Manager of Hockley branch who was killed in a road traffic accident whilst travelling home from work. His involvement with the Staff Association included the formation of the News Letter; and his membership of the Bank's cricket team is illustrated at Image-023

On Saturday, 17th September 1960, our colleague, Lewis Archibald Instone, tragically met his death whilst travelling home from his Branch. He was only 51 years of age and it seemed unbelievable to all who knew him that such a remarkable personality was gone.


Lew joined the Staff in January 1925 and took charge of his first Branch in 1940. During the last war he joined the Royal Army Ordnance Corps and rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, firm evidence of the capacity and drive with which he approached any task confronting him.


He was actively connected with the Management Committee of the Staff Association for much of his time since its formation and was Association Chairman from 1955 to 1957.


When, after that period, ill-health necessitated his retirement from the Committee, Lew maintained an active and consuming interest in its affairs. He was always willing to help and he put the same effort into helping the one as he did into helping the many.


When you read your copy of "Contact" you are paying a tribute to Lew Instone for it was partly due to his inspiration that the first News Letter was born.


We shall remember Lew - in the Committee Room, on the Cricket Field, stopping us in the street to talk of this and that, at the Social functions - his forthright and boisterous personality always giving pleasure.


With the deepest affection and respect we shall remember Lewis Archibald Instone.