Branch Managers - 1924
At a meeting of the Bank's Finance Sub-Committee
held on December 8th 1924 a list of Fidelity Guarantees was listed and approved for all members of the staff. Included in the list of 115 staff, 20 were designated as Branch Managers or Clerks-in-Charge without their branch being specified.
Those officers are listed below.
Branch Managers at December 1st 1924
 T J Ladbrooke
 D W S Woodcock
 H B Davis
 H R B Rees
 A F Lambeth
 J E Chapman
 A J Smith
 W F Heath
 W I Wynn
 E C Neighbour
 W E Jackson
 A M Hodgkins
 F H DeVille
 E H Viney
 C Danks
 H E Martin
 A T Guest                                        *
 F Fitzpatrick                                   *
 F H Whitehouse                              *
 J Baker                                           *
* Clerks-in-Charge