Branch Managers - 1923
At a meeting of the Bank's Finance Sub-Committee
held on October 8th 1923 a list of Fidelity Guarantees was listed and approved for all members of the staff. Included in the list of 105 staff, 18 were designated as Branch Managers without their branch being specified.
Those officers are listed below.
Branch Managers at October 1st 1923
 A J Smith
 W F Heath
 W I Wynn
 E Cheatle
 H H Crump
 T J Ladbrooke
 W E Jackson
 E C Neighbour
 A M Hodgkins
 S E Bennett
 D W S Woodcock
 F H DeVille
 H B Davis
 H R B Rees
 A F Lambeth
 E H Viney
 C Danks
 J E Chapman