Branch Managers - 1926
At a meeting of the Bank's General Purposes Sub-Committee
held on February 8th 1926 it was agreed that the officers detailed below
be placed in the branches specified. However, these appointments were amended at a further meeting held on April 12th 1926 see 'Notes' and 'Reports' below.
At a previous meeting of the same Sub-Committee (on January 11th 1926)
a grading system for branches had been agreed, and the appropriate grades
are shown for each branch. The basis for the grading of individual
branches was its number of Annual Transactions, as shown below.
 Acocks Green
 H J Sutherland
 N G Yardley
 (see NOTES 1 & 4) 
 C (6)
 Aston  D W S Woodcock
 C (2)
 Aston Cross  F H Whitehouse
 C (3)
 Balsall Heath  H R B Rees
C (3)
 H E Martin
 C (5)
 A J Smith
 C (3)
 A N Ling
 C (4)
 T J Ladbrooke
 C (3)
 C Danks
 C (5)
 Hay Mills
 (see NOTE 1)
 C (6)
 J Baker
 C (5)
 Kings Heath
 A T Guest
 C (5)
 A M Hodgkins
 H J Sutherland
 (see NOTE 4)
C (4)
 F Fitzpatrick
 C (4)
 E H Viney
 (see NOTE 3)
 C (6)
 Rotton Park
 J E Chapman
 C (3)
 J W Raftery
 C (4)
 Selly Oak
 F H De Ville
 C (5)
 Small Heath
 A F Lambeth
 (see NOTE 4)
 C (1)
 H B Davis
 A M Hodgkins
 (see NOTE 4)
 C (2)
  (later renamed
 G A Harling
 C (5)
 Spring Hill
 W I Wynn
 C (6)
 E H Viney
 L A Wright
 (see NOTE 3)
 C (5)
 Ward End
 R H Tafft
 (see NOTE 2)
 C (6)
(1) Acocks Green and Hay Mills were managed by Cashiers
             on a temporary basis in February 1926
(2) Ward End was opened as a permanent branch on April 10th 1926
(3) Northfield was opened as a permanent branch on May 1st 1926,
      and E H Viney was transferred from Stirchley, where he was
      replaced by L A Wright (see Report, right)
(4) A F Lambeth was promoted to Chief Cashier at Head Office
      in April 1926, and was replaced by H B Davis.
      H B Davis was replaced by A M Hodgkins at Sparkbrook
      A M Hodgkins was replaced by H J Sutherland at Ladywood
      N G Yardley replaced H J Sutherland at Acocks Green
      (see Report, right)
Branch  Grade
Number of Annual Transactions
C (1)
Exceeding 80,000
C (2)
Over 65,000 but not exceeding 80,000
C (3)
Over 50,000 but not exceeding 65,000
C (4)
Over 35,000 but not exceeding 50,000
C (5)
Over 20,000 but not exceeding 35,000
C (6)
Under 20,000
Reports to General Purposes Sub-Committee
April 12th 1926
Appointment of Branch Manager at Northfield
In considering the question of appointment of a Branch Manager for Northfield the General Manager has had regard to the fact that Mr E H Viney, at present in charge of the Stirchley Branch, will be residing at the Northfield Branch and, consequently, would be conveniently placed for working the Northfield Branch and its three sub-branches. Mr Viney has done very well at other branches, and should be better able to work up these branches by being in close proximity than would be the case if a manager from another part of the town was placed there. The General Manager, therefore, recommends that Mr Viney be appointed as Branch Manager at Northfield.
To fill the vacancy at Stirchley Branch the General Manager recommends the appointment of Mr L A Wright, a cashier at Head Office. Mr Wright has been in the service of the Bank from November 1st 1920 and has had a good all round training. As cashier at several Branches - including Small Heath, as clerk-in-charge at Evening Branches and as relief for Branch Managers at holidays Mr Wright has performed his duties satisfactorilly.
As in other cases, the General Manager recommends the appointment being on trial until the end of the year, but considers some adjustment should be made in Mr Wright's salary. At present he is receiving the basic rate of 115 per annum, which was attained on the 1st April, 1926 by an increase of 15 recently granted, and it is now recommended that a further increase in the basic rate of 15 per annum should be granted as from the date he takes over at Stirchley.
Appointment of Branch Manager at
Small Heath and other Promotions
The General Manager has given careful consideration to the changes necessary on the promotion of Mr Lambeth (Branch Manager at Small Heath) to the office of Chief Cashier, and recommends the following promotions:
  Mr H B Davis to supersede Mr Lambeth
  Mr A M Hodgkins to supersede Mr Davis
  Mr H J Sutherland to supersede Mr Hodgkins
  Mr N G Yardley to supersede Mr Sutherland.
Mr Yardley was transferred to the service of the Bank from the Drainage Board in exchange for Mr Heath, and has been given opportunities of making himself acquainted with the duties which he will have to perform. As cashier at Aston, Aston Cross and Head Office, and as Clerk-in-Charge of the Evening Branch at Summer Lane, he has discharged his duties satisfactorily, and shows every promise of becoming a valuable officer. Mr Yardley has passed the final examination of the London Association of Accountants. It is recommended that Mr Yardley's appointment as a Clerk-in-Charge should be on trial until the end of the year, when a report on his service will be made.
Mr Hodgkins was granted an increase of 10 as on and from the 1st April last, which brings his basic rate to 285 per annum, but in view of his promotion and consequent higher grading the General Manager recommends a further 15 per annum being granted to him as and from the date he takes over at Sparkbrook.