Members of Staff - 1928
List of all 187 members of the Bank's staff
as at October 1st 1928
(As detailed in the minutes of the Bank's Finance Sub-Committee)
 Head Office
 Branch Managers
 Clerks-in-Charge of Branches
 Clerk-in-Charge of Evening Branch
 Relief Cashiers
 General Clerks
 Typists, etc
 Bournville Works
 Bournville Works
Head Office (13)
 J P Hilton  General Manager
 F Ellison  Assistant General Manager
 A S Taylor  Controller of House Purchase
 F W Parsonage  Controller of Branches
 H Carver  Controller of Branches
 H G Wright  Controller of Branches
 A F Lambeth  Chief Clerk
 D W S Woodcock  Chief Clerk
 S E Bennett  Inspector
 J E Chapman  Inspector
 W Buxton  Secretary
 N G Yardley  Accountant 
 E Cheatle  Assistant Controller of House Purchase
Branch Managers (15)
 C Danks
 H B Davis
 F H DeVille
 F Fitzpatrick
 A T Guest
 A M Hodgkins
 T J Ladbrooke
 H E Martin
 J W Raftery
 H R B Rees
 A J Smith
 H J Sutherland
 E H Viney
 F H Whitehouse
 W I Wynn
Clerks-in-Charge of Branches (19)
 J Baker
 J C W Brown
 R H Earp
 W L Hannah
 G A Harling
 G H Humphries
 L H Hurdman
 W James
 G F Lewis
 A N Ling
 E C Neighbour
 R T Piper
 E Price
 A H Read
 W K Robottom
 LE Smallwood
 R H Tafft
 W J R Tooby
 L A Wright
Clerk-in-Charge of Evening Branch (1)
 L Hilton
Cashiers (44)
 (Miss) M Aspinall
 S G Brotherton
 E J Cope
 (Miss) M Crawford
 J A Duff
 S A Guy
 C E Harper
 S F Jones
 H E Kirk
 J Manners
 L C Abbiss
 W C Baker
 H J T Bayliss
 (Miss) E E Brown
 (Miss) A E Burton
 W A Camwell
 H G Corles
 (Miss) L W Davies
 (Mrs) D E Dee
 (Miss) B E Dunn
 G T Edwards
 H E M Forman
 E J Grant
 J Hastie
 (Miss) I V Hastings
 F W Hearne
 J Holmes
 (Miss) E M Kirtland
 (Miss) A M Lomas
 C H Madley
 (Miss) F Meggs
 A Morgan
 (Miss) G R Nock
 A Oldham
 (Miss) D A Otty
 (Miss) E A Percy
 (Miss) G Price
 (Miss) G M Searle
 C Selwyn
 B Tansley
 (Miss) J M Waller
 D C Whetnall
 E Williams
 W J Woollons
Relief Cashiers (9)
 C P Addis
 (Mrs) B M Buckley
 (Miss) A C Brown
 P J Condon
 E R Jennings
 N L Newcombe
 J A Smith
 P D Smith
 E B Spencer
General Clerks (60)
 (Miss) M I Abel
 A Auger
 F C Batstone
 G L Boden
 (Miss) R M Brown
 W Brown
 (Miss) E Bullock
 E Chamberlain
 (Miss) R E Cother
 H D Copeland
 J Dempster
 L F Dobson
 J L E Edwards
 (Miss) A H Ellis
 L F Evans
 (Mrs) A Facey
 W H Frith
 (Miss) A W Fullbrook
 A H F Giddings
 W G T Gray
 (Miss) D I Gregory
 F W E Hall
 B P Hayward
 (Miss) B L Hiett
 (Miss) M Hilton
 (Miss) P I M Hilton
 L A Instone
 W E Jackson
 J Kesterton
 H J Langley
 S W Lawrance
 (Miss) E Leach
 (Miss) W M Mann
 (Miss) M W Neale
 (Miss) K F O'Malley
 (Miss) E H Owen
 (Miss) D G Parkes
 H G Payne
 R H Plester
 (Miss) N K Pogson
 (Miss) A M Powell
 N W Ravenscroft
 M R Redman
 (Miss) F A Ridge
 G A Ridley
 N Roberts
 (Miss) M P Robinson
 F M Roodhouse
 R W G Rowe
 H E Shaw
 (Miss) G A Snead
 W H Stanton
 G W Thomas
 F M Thompson
 (Miss) E A Turner
 (Miss) H K D Wilkins
 H G Williams
 K R Willingham
 T A E Wilner
 J C Wright
Short-hand Typists
and Machine Operators (7)
 (Miss) D M Carver
 (Miss) M H Cawdell
 (Miss) L F Lewis
 (Miss) L Margetts
 (Miss) M H McLean
 (Miss) E M Morrison
 (Miss) L R Taylor
Other Head Office (3)
 H V Watson  Stationery Clerk and Chaufeur
 F G Kirtland  Caretaker
 (Mrs) E E Kirtland  Caretaker
Bournville Works Branch (5)
 F A King  Clerk-in-Charge
 D Boraston  General Clerk
 H Briggs  General Clerk
 J C Hartill  General Clerk
 W R Snowdon  General Clerk
Cleaners (11)
 (Mrs) E Birch
 (Mrs) R Brown
 (Mrs) F E Cashmore
 (Mrs) R M Cheesman
 (Mrs) A Flood
 (Mrs) R L Hathaway
 (Mrs) M Knight
 (Mrs) A Millership
 (Mrs) P Mills
 (Mrs) J Noxon
 (Mrs) N Wale
Numbers of Staff