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Mr "Bert" Hopkins retires, somewhat prematurely, on 31st March after over thirty years service with the Bank, at an age when he  can enjoy pastures new and, at the same time, devote more of his time to his particular pleasures.


Under the guidance of Mr Hopkins, many of our colleagues have attended retirement courses, but although he will probably not have been able to participate in one of the courses, he will no doubt have trained his methodical mind to overcome the change.


Much can be told of his nature, but suffice to say that he and his charming wife Beth have reigned supreme for many years in both kindness and hospitality to their many friends.


We all wish Beth and Bert a complete restoration to good health so that they may enjoy very many years in pursuit of their many pleasures, surrounded as often as possible by their family of which they are so justly proud.


His career with the Bank, broken only by service in the Royal Artillery during the war, progressed by promotion to Branch Manager, Mortgage Department Superintendent and finally in 1970 to Assistant General Manager, a post which will no longer exist when the Birmingham District Council is established on April 1st.


During recent years Bert has served as a Council Member of the Savings Banks Institute, and his many friends within the savings movement will wish to be associated with tributes made both inside the Bank and elsewhere.


(NOTE: the branches managed by Bert Hopkins included Newtown Row, Wheeler Street, and Little Bromwich)
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