First Report of the Bank's Management Committee
to the City Council
The Bank reported its position and progress to the City Council on an annual basis up to 1948.
These annual reports were generally presented in June, but it was occasionally necessary to present supplementary reports when,
for example, there was a need to amend the Bank's Regulations.

Commencing December 1948, an interim report was made to the Council - each of these covering a seven-month
period to the preceding October 31st, or a six-month period to September 30th.

The first of the annual reports was made on July 20th 1920, and its contents are reproduced below.
Excerpts from other Reports are shown on a separate page
It will be recalled that the Birmingham Corporation Act, 1919, authorising the establishment of the Bank, received the Royal Assent on the 15th August, 1919, and on the 1st September the New Bank opened its doors to the public, with a Head Office situate at the Council House and 17 Branch Offices in different parts of the City. Since that time, three additional Branches have been opened.
The Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank, which was established as a temporary institution, ceased to take deposits on the 31st October, 1919, so that for a period of two months the temporary Bank and the New Bank were running side by side.
The accounts relating to the temporary Bank are not presented with this Report, but it is the intention of your Committee to present the same at a later date.
Depositors in the temporary Savings Bank were invited to transfer their accounts to the New Bank, and your Committee are very pleased with response which was made, as it demonstrated the necessity for the provision of means for savings in the City. The result was that out of 24,411 open accounts, no less than 22,592 were transferred to the New Bank, representing a sum of 325,408 16s. 3d.
The Council will appreciate that to establish a New Bank in various parts of the City has been no light task, and your Committee have been seriously handicapped by the difficulty of securing suitable premises. They have had to make the best of the situation, and start Branches wherever accommodation could be found. Several of the existing premises are far from being what the Committee would like, and have already proved in certain instances to be inadequate to meet the demands of the growing business.
Your Committee have taken the opportunity of purchasing (through the medium of the Housing and Estates Committee) certain premises at Aston, Kings Heath, and Dudley Road, the Council having consented thereto. It is felt that the policy of your Bank owning its premises is one which has the Council's approval. Your Committee propose in due course to take over the premises bought by the Housing and Estates Committee and to refund that Committee.
The following Branch offices had been established at the 31st March, 1920:-
Acock's Green . Warwick Road (opposite Dudley Park Road)
Aston .... 22, High Street, Six Ways
Balsall Heath ... 148, Mary Street
Bearwood .... 177, Sandon Road, Edgbaston
Duddeston ... 117, Great Lister Street
Erdington .. National Schools, High Street
Handsworth .. The Council House, Soho Road
Harborne .. The Public Library, High Street
Hay Mills ... 50, Coventry Road
King's Heath . The Institute, High Street (now 73a, High Street)
Ladywood ..... 299, Monument Road
Lozells ... 270 Lozells Road, Villa Cross
Northfield .. 756, Bristol Road South
Rotton Park .. 368, Dudley Road (now 157, Dudley Road)
Saltley ... Corner of Alum Rock Road and Bowyer Road
Selly Oak .. The Institute, High Street
Small Heath .. 417, Coventry Road
Sparkbrook .. 163, Stratford Road
Stirchley .... 1516, Pershore Road
During the 7 months ended the 31st March, 1920:-
The amount received from depositors was . 873,705 9s. 8d.
The amount repaid to depositors was . 136,099 7s. 3d.
The number of new accounts opened was ..... 41,513
The number of accounts closed was ......... 1,383
The number of transactions was .... 163,787
House Purchase Department -
This Department of the Bank has shown a remarkable development. The difficulties experienced by many citizens of finding suitable dwelling houses, and having found them of being able to purchase them, have been eased by the facilities offered by the Bank. During the period under review, 499 applications were dealt with. In 481 of such cases advances were granted.
Deposits by Trade Unions, etc.
Your Committee are gratified by the increasing use which is being made of the Bank by Trade Unions, Societies, and Organisations throughout the City, who are finding the facilities offered by the Bank convenient to them.
Birmingham Provident Society -
Your Committee have, with the concurrence of the Citizens' Committee, taken over the funds of the Birmingham Provident Society. The majority of the voluntary collectors, who have been associated with this Society for many years have continued their services, and your Committee are indebted to them for so acting.
Bournville Works Savings Fund -
A Branch Bank has now been opened at the Works of Messrs. Cadbury Bros., Bournville. The Branch is administered by the Bournville Works Savings Fund and Thrift Joint Committee, under a scheme for the promotion of thrift, which has been mutually arranged between Messrs. Cadbury Bros. and their employees, and it is anticipated that great developments in the activities of the Branch will result.
School Savings Banks -
An arrangement has recently been made with the Education Committee whereby a close co-operation will be maintained between the Municipal Bank and the School Savings Banks. The collection in the various schools will be paid over to the Municipal Bank, and the accounts of children transferred thereto before they leave the schools. By these means the children are brought into touch with the Municipal Bank, and it is hoped that this will be to their advantage in after-life. In order to secure the close co-operation which is considered advisable, your Committee recommend that the Treasurer of the School Savings Banks for the time being should become a member of the Bank Committee.
Advances to Small Holders -
Under the provisions of the Land Settlement (Facilities) Act, 1919, advances may be made to small holders for the purchase of live-stock, seeds, implements, etc. The Act is administered in this City by the Agricultural and Small Holdings Committee, who have arranged with the Bank Committee to make such advances as may be approved. The Agricultural and Small Holdings Committee guarantee the Bank against any loss which may be incurred.
Housing Bonds -
Your Committee placed the services of their staff and use of the various Branches of the Bank at the disposal of the City Treasurer for business in connection with the issue of Housing Bonds, and an arrangement was made by the Treasurer whereby interest coupons can be cashed on maturity at the Head Office of the Bank or its Branches.
Enquiries by other Local Authorities -
Numerous enquiries have been made by other Local Authorities as to the Bank and its progress, and information has also been sought by numerous Foreign and Colonial bodies. Deputations from several towns have visited Birmingham, and have expressed themselves agreeably surprised at the progress which has taken place, and the real use which is being made of the Bank. Particular mention may be made of visits of Members of the Council or Officers from Bradford, Manchester, London County Council, Ashton-under-Lyne, Edinburgh, Middlesborough, and Bristol.
Regulations -
Your Committee are informed that under the provisions of the Savings Banks Act, 1920, fresh Regulations are about to be made by the Postmaster General and H M Treasury, which will affect the Regulations of the Bank. The Committee are in communication with the Treasury upon the matter, and as soon as the effects of these changes are known, it is their intention to submit to the Council for their approval such amendments as may be found desirable.
Superannuation Scheme, Part I - Mr W E Jackson -
Mr William Edwin Jackson entered the service of the Bank in a temporary capacity on November 3rd, 1919, and was permanently appointed on the Staff on the 1st May, 1920.
Mr Jackson has now made application to join the Superannuation Scheme, as from the 1st May. As he is 49 years of age, the consent of the Council is required to his joining the Scheme, and your Committee recommend that, subject to Mr Jackson passing the necessary medical examination, his application be granted.
Accounts -
Your Committee propose to prepare accounts up to 31st March in each year, showing the transactions in connection with the Bank, and to bring them before the Council accordingly. Although the Bank had only been established for seven months at the 31st March last, they have thought it desirable to prepare the accounts for this period, and they accordingly now present such accounts, which have been audited and certified by Messrs. Agar, Bates, Neal & Co., Chartered Accountants, who were appointed the Auditors to the Bank.
1. That the Report of the Bank Committee as printed and issued be received and entered on the Minutes.
2. That in order to ensure close co-operation between the Municipal Bank and the Schools Savings Banks, the Treasurer of the Schools Savings Banks for the time being be, and he is hereby, appointed a member of the Bank Committee.
3. That Mr William Edwin Jackson, an official in the Bank Department, be granted permission to become a contributor under Part I of the Corporation Superannuation Scheme, as from 1st May, 1920.
4. That the Report of the Bank Committee be approved.