Management and Officials
The following chart shows who acted for the Bank in the capacities of Solicitor and Treasurer
(ie the City Council's Town Clerk and City Treasurer);
and who the Bank utilised to provide valuations for mortgage advances.
The chart also illustrates for which Chairman and General Manager they performed their duties.
The years marked * ended November 20th, when the Bank was a Trustee Savings Bank,
and was no longer a Department of Birmingham Corporation
(1) C T Appleby died in office - May 13th 1926
(2) J W Raftery died in office - November 14th 1964
(3) W R Lewis held the office of Vice-Chairman
(4) Although Frank Wilde was not recorded in the Annual Report until 1926, he was appointed the Bank's Valuer on May 17th 1920.
      Prior to that date valuations were made by Mr S J Lancaster who was an employee of the Birmingham Overseers.