Staff Association
Retired Staff Association Magazine: April 1991
An Appreciation
To many of us, Bernard's death is felt as a deep personal loss.
Bernard led a full and active life and his interests were many and varied. His old school, Warwick, was a special concern and he was, in fact, the current President of the Old Warwickeans. A keen gardener, the garden which he and his wife Winifred created at Little Sutton Lane was a real showpiece.
A splendid staff man, he led by example. He had an uncanny ability to get the best out of his colleagues and he never had to try very hard to do it. He was always just himself, firm but pleasant, agreeable and very happy to listen. Particularly, he will be remembered for his consideration for others and his extreme adaptability, no less when he became General Manager of Birmingham Municipal Bank.
Bernard loved social life. In fact, he made a hobby of it. He delighted in meeting people and loved discussion and chat. These characteristics made him the ideal choice during the first years of World War II for the job of corresponding with members of the staff on active service. I was one of the many who had the benefit of his newsy and lively letters which continued until he was himself called up. He spent much of his service career in Norway, and here again his rare genius for friendship showed itself. In fact, he corresponded with, and visited, Norwegian friends throughout the rest of his life.
As all those close to him know, Bernard lost his Winifred some few years ago, and he leaves daughter Gillian and grandchildren Clive and Juliet. To them, we all extend our deepest sympathy.
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