Staff Association
CONTACT: Autumn 1969
Mr Sutherland was born in Coventry and commenced his banking career with the Coventry Trustee Savings Bank where he worked for nine years. During the early years of the Municipal Bank, when expansion was very rapid, he was one of several officers recruited from Trustee Savings Banks to be trained as Managers of the new Branches, and he joined our staff in 1925.
He served at many Branches before being appointed an Inspector and later Superintendent of Branches. In 1950 he became Joint Assistant General Manager and succeeded Mr Carver as General Manager in 1956.
He was a man of a discerning mind which enabled him to separate the essentials of a problem from any surrounding trivialities, and during his tenure of office as General Manager much streamlining of procedures was introduced to the benefit of both customers and staff.
Unfortunately ill-health beset him and brought about his retirement in 1964. Thereafter, freed from the responsibilities of office, his health improved for a time and his occasional cheery visits to Head Office were always welcomed. He ever maintained a close interest in all matters pertaining to the Bank and his former colleagues.
His death on the 18th August last was a very sad occasion and was a great loss, not only to his wife and family, but to his contemporaries on the Staff and to the Institution he had served so faithfully for 39 years.