Fidelity Guarantees
It was the Bank's policy to join each member of staff into a Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy, with the Bank paying the required premium. This type of policy was generally designed to indemnify the policyholder for the loss of money or property sustained as a direct result of acts of fraud, theft or dishonesty by an employee in the course of employment. It is not known as to what the extent of the Bank's Fidelity Guarantee was, but it would almost certainly have included cover for losses caused by staff committing fraud in relation to the operation of accounts, and the direct theft of cash.
The Minutes of the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank indicate that it was the policy of Birmingham Corporation to take out this type of policy for all Council staff. A meeting of the Savings Bank Consultative Sub-Committee held on December 19th 1918 considered a Council proposition to withdraw this type of cover for staff considered to be low risk. However, the Bank's Committee decided to retain the cover for all staff.
It is likely, therefore, that the BMB commenced operations with Fidelity Guarantees for its staff. It was certainly in operation in 1923 as evidenced by the minutes of a Finance Sub-Committee meeting held on October 8th that year. Minute 167 of the meeting stated that The following list of Fidelity Guarantees was submitted and approved. That list gave the names of all 105 of the Bank's staff (including 8 cleaners) with the amount of the Bond taken out for each member of staff (as reproduced below). The total value of the Bonds was 82,550.
The male members of staff below General Manager and Assistant General Manager are listed with their Salary Grades (A to H), but the grades of the female staff were omitted from the list.
At the Finance Sub-Committee's meeting held on December 1st 1924, the list was reviewed and updated. The number of staff was now 115, and the total value of the Bonds 89,000. A list of the staff at December 1st 1924 are detailed separately.
Listed amongst the branch managers below is Harry Howard Crump who was in charge at Duddeston branch. However, his name is missing from the list of staff at December 1924 as he was dismissed on October 6th 1924 following defalcations made at Duddeston. His fraud was referred to the Guarantee Society as detailed in The Crump Affair.
  Senior Officers  
  Hilton, J P General Manager 10,000  
  Ellison, F Assistant General Manager 5,000  
  Parsonage, F W Chief Clerk (Grade A) 5,000  
  Carver, H Chief Clerk (Grade A) 2,000  
  Taylor, A S Superintendent of Branches (Grade B) 2,000  
  Wright, H G Superintendent of Branches (Grade B) 2,000  
  Branch Managers (Grade C)  
  Smith, A J 2,000  
  Heath, W F 2,000  
  Wynn, W I 2,000  
  Cheatle, E 2,000  
  Crump, H H 2,000  
  Ladbrooke, T J 2,000  
  Jackson, W E 2,000  
  Neighbour, E C 2,000  
  Hodgkins, A M 2,000  
  Bennett, S E 2,000  
  Woodcock, D W S 2,000  
  DeVille, F H 2,000  
  Davis, H B 2,000  
  Rees, H R B 2,000  
  Lambeth, A F 2,000  
  Viney, E H 2,000  
  Danks, C 2,000  
  Chapman, J E 2,000  
  Relief Branch Managers (Grade D)  
  Guest, A T 2,000  
  Martin, H E 2,000  
  Cashiers (Grade E)  
  Baker, J 1,000  
  Harling, G A 1,000  
  General Clerks (Grade F)  
  Kesterton, J 100  
  Whitehouse, F H 500  
  Fitzpatrick, F 500  
  Watson, H V 100  
  Clerk on Probation (Grade G)  
  Brown, J C W 100  
  Junior Clerks (Grade H)  
  Raftery, J W 500  
  Ling, A N 500  
  Smallwood, L E 100  
  Brotherton, S G 100  
  Lewis, G F 100  
  Robottom, W K 100  
  Guy, S A 100  
  Wright, L A 500  
  Tansley, B 100  
  Underhill, W J 100  
  Massey, C H 100  
  Jones, S F 100  
  Harper, C E 100  
  Abbiss, L C 100  
  Jennings, E R 100  
  Dawes, S E 100  
  Woollons, W J 100  
  (Miss) D E Blackwell Chief Cashier 2,000  
  Female Clerks  
  Crawford, M (Miss) 100  
  Plant, W A (Miss) 100  
  Bullock, E (Miss) 100  
  Facey, A (Mrs) 100  
  Buckley, B M (Mrs) 100  
  Turner, E A (Miss) 100  
  Morrison, R M (Miss) 100  
  Brighton, E (Miss) 100  
  Percy, E A (Miss) 100  
  Horton,F M (Miss) 100  
  Manning, B (Miss) 100  
  Burton, A E (Miss) 100  
  Aspinall, M (Miss) 100  
  Butler, E J M (Miss) 100  
  Lewis, L F (Miss) 100  
  Parkin, I E (Miss) 100  
  Pogson, W K (Miss) 100  
  Hiett, B L (Miss) 100  
  Pullen, D E (Miss) 100  
  Brown, R M (Miss) 100  
  Hadley,E (Miss) 500  
  Abel, M I (Miss) 100  
  Wilkins, H K D (Miss) 100  
  Gregory, D (Miss) 100  
  King, F A Bournville Works Branch Official 200  
  Snowdon, W R Bournville Works Branch Official 100  
  Bracey, F Bournville Works Branch Official 100  
  Manners, J Bournville Works Branch Official 100  
  Brueton, E M Bournville Works Branch Official 100  
  Clayton, D Part Time Officer (Stechford) 250  
  Farris, F H Part Time Officer (Ward End) 500  
  Baxter, A Part Time Officer (Farcroft) 500  
  Noon, D R Part Time Officer (Harborne) 500  
  Smith, G O Part Time Officer (Northfield) 500  
  Wells, H Part Time Officer (Acocks Green) 500  
  Beckett, W Part Time Officer (Bartley Green) 250  
  Hart, J H Part Time Officer (Quinton) 250  
  Atkinson, H Part Time Officer (Sparkbrook) 100  
  Ryland, E C Part Time Officer (Small Heath) 100  
  Tafft, R H Part Time Officer (Aston) 100  
  Field, C (Miss) Part Time Officer (Bartley Green) 100  
  Harrison, A M (Miss) Part Time Officer (Acocks Green) 100  
  Hatton, K J (Miss) Part Time Officer (Northfield) 100  
  Smith, H A Part Time Officer (Reserve) 100  
  Cleeton, D (Miss) Part Time Officer (Harborne) 100  
  Turton, S H Part Time Officer (Quinton) 100  
  Dent, C M (Miss) Cleaner (Acocks Green) 100  
  Devey, H (Mrs) Cleaner (Sparkbrook) 100  
  Hill, E (Miss) Cleaner (Saltley & Ward End) 100  
  Perks, M (Mrs) Cleaner (Ladywood & Bearwood) 100  
  Howell, G W (Miss) Cleaner (Small Heath) 100  
  Pope, A (Miss) Cleaner (Lozells & Selly Oak) 100  
  Clarke, E (Mrs) Cleaner (Rotton Park) 100  
  Farmer, W (Miss) Cleaner (Aston Cross) 100