Annual Reports - 1969
On February 27th 1969, Bank Rate was increased from 7% to 8%. The BMB raised the rate payable on its Investment Account to 6% and balances now stood at 17,336,980. Total balances were at a new record high of 95,949,496 but, as in recent years, the increase was mainly due to the addition of Capitalised Interest. The number of Cheque Accounts continued to grow slowly (now 3,624) and approved customers were able to have a cheque guarantee card. In the calendar year that the Bank celebrated its Golden Jubilee, the hours of business were amended to exclude Saturdays for the first time in the Bank's history - both of these milestones were announced by the front and rear cover of the Published Report. The revised total hours open each week were an increase from 29 to 30. Utilising temporary premises, a new branch was opened at Chelmsley Wood. The addition of Chelmsley Wood to the branch network brought the total number of offices to 73 - the highest in the Bank's history.
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Annual Reports
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