Annual Reports - 1966
For the seventh successive year, the Management Committee report an increase in the total of Deposit balances - the current balance of almost 94-million being a record high, but as in previous years, the increase is mainly due to the capitalisation of interest. The total number of transactions now exceeds six million, and although basic bank transactions account for almost 4-million, there is an increasing number of 'other' transactions, including almost 400,000 in Credit Transfer and Standing Order payments. Considerable activity is recorded in relation to branches, including the opening of City branch (with early morning openings), relocation of Maypole and Ladywood branches, extended hours at Perry Beeches branch, and new offices at West Heath and Bartley Green. The Safe Deposit in Head Office is almost completely fully rented with 10,405 of the 10,528 safes taken. Reference is made to the possible provision of Investment Accounts and Cheque Accounts. Income Tax of 25,668 is charged against the Bank's surplus, but this is to be the last such charge for ten years.
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Annual Reports
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