Annual Reports - 1961
The Management Committee report the closure of Sherlock Street branch, the first permanent office to be closed since the closure of Heybarnes in 1948 - the closure of Sherlock Street is a consequence of the redevelopment of Birmingham's inner-city area; the branch's business was transferred to the nearby Horse Fair branch. Reflecting the movement of the city's population from inner-city areas to the outer suburbs, the temporary office at Tower Hill is relocated to a permanent branch. The 'Facilities and Services' section of the Published Report lists two additional services: Standing Orders and Inter-Bank Transactions. During the year, the Bank's existing limited Standing Order service was extended to enable monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual payments to be made on behalf of depositors. Under the Inter-Bank Transaction system, depositors could arrange to make withdrawals at (for example) a branch of a Trustee Savings Bank in a holiday resort.
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