Annual Reports - 1956
After providing statistics detailing the continued increase in business (as measured by the level of transactions), and giving a breakdown of some of the factors behind the fact that the amount of annual withdrawals has again exceeded the amount of deposits, the Committee reports on two matters relating to National Savings. The first matter is the Bank's involvement in celebrations of the Fortieth Anniversary of the National Savings Movement, where attention is drawn to the coincidence that it is forty years since the Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank (BCSB) was formed in the First World War. However, the major part of the Committee's reports is designated to the efforts made to secure a savings facility with a tax concession for the Bank's depositors. These efforts, which are recorded in condiderable detail, are eventually rewarded by the Government extending its Finance Bill to include the Birmingham Municipal Bank (BMB). After more than forty years, the depositors in BCSB/BMB are to be provided with more than one savings facility - the Bank's No 2 Department will commence on April 1st 1957.
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Annual Reports
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