Annual Reports - 1955
The Published Report records increases in the Bank's activities through its usual practice of detailing a wide range of statistics. The total number of transactions exceeds five million for the first time - equivalent to approximately 250 transactions each business day at each of the Bank's 69 branches. The number of Open Accounts now exceeds 700,000, although this statistic includes Inactive and Dormant Accounts. The number of Home Safes issued to Depositors passes a new milestone with over 120,000 in use - this figure peaks at 130,676 in 1958. A new statistic is added to the report with the value of deposits received by the Direct Transfer Scheme (DTS) stated as 1,127,563; this sum contributes to an increase in Deposit balances that now stand at 88,088,614. Increased business is also reported in Advances made (1,579,940 - the largest annual figure since the Bank commenced, not exceeded until 1974), and Safe Deposits rented - a new record at 7,869 out of an availability of 10,528. The Report also records the visit of the Chancellor of the Exchequer to Birmingham, during which he was given lunch at Head Office. In the section of the Report devoted to 'House Purchase' (pages 10 and 11) reference is made to the 'Ministry of Housing and Local Government Circular 42/54 dated 4th May, 1954' - this Circular was the subject of a Committee Report to the City Council on December 7th 1954.  Much of the above information is repeated in the report of the Bank's Management Committee to the City Council, with the notable addition of a note of appreciation to the Bank's staff for their efforts during the year - it is unlikely that the Council Report would have been available to staff members, whereas the Published Report was distributed to all branches.
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