Annual Reports - 1954
The Committee's Report continues the themes of recent years that reflect the 'stagnation' of the Bank's progress in the post-war years. Reference is made to the nation's improving economy and the hope that depositors will contribute to the recovery of the country by adding to their savings. However, with the War now some nine years behind them, and items such as televisions gradually becoming available, consumers are more likely to be spending rather than saving - either with cash purchases or by the growing popularity of Hire Purchase. The report notes that the highest months for withdrawal of deposits were May (for the celebration of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June) and for holiday spending in July. Some Bank customers prefer to invest in the purchase of property, and almost 1-million is advanced by way of mortgage. Following the commencement of a new housing estate at Shard End in the late 1940s, a site has been identified for a branch building to serve the residents of that district. The report to the City Council also notes the requirement to move the temporary structure used to service the residents of the Perry Beeches district, and now presents the Bank's statistics in a more summarised format.
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Annual Reports
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