Annual Reports - 1943
The Published Report is again limited to eight pages, but is able to show another record increase in deposits - the addition of 8.7 million during the year brings total deposits to over 50 million. The total contribution to the War Finance Campaign has now reached almost 20 million. The Reports again praise the efforts of the staff who have had to deal with a record number of transactions - the Council Report lists Savings Bank transactions of 2,205,112 and Corporation Accounts Transactions of 830,174. Despite this heavy volume of business the staff checked aircraft parts for the aircraft industry after the day's normal work was done. A brief mention is made of the use of 'branch pairing' in order to maximise the use of limited staff. Despite the heavy volume of business and the staffing problems, a proposal is put before the Council Meeting of June 1st 1943 that "the Committee be requested to consider and report upon the possibility of seeking authority, at an early date, to extend the powers of the Bank, including the power to issue cheques" - the proposal was defeated.
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