Annual Reports - 1942
The Published Report is again limited to eight pages, and for the second year running contains praise for the staff. The Council report notes that 74 male staff are serving with His Majesty's Forces, and photographs of a staff tea party show a large proportion of female staff. Deposits increased in the year by 6.1 million and details are given of a total of 11.1 million that is the Bank's contribution to the War Finance Campaign. The Balance Sheet shows that a substantial sum has been invested in 3% Savings Bonds 1955-1965 following the recent change in the Bank's Regulations to allow the holding of Government Securities with a maturity date of up to 30 years. Reflecting the concern of citizens regarding bombing by the Luftwaffe, the Safe Deposit's 4,640 safes are fully rented - a position that is maintained until the end of the War. The Income & Expenditure A/c shows a payment of 5,386, an Insurance Premium under the War Damage Act - the Bank was later to make a number of claims under this scheme following  bomb damage to branch premises. Depositors are advised to keep a separate record of their account number and balance, and to supply the Bank with a duplicate signature.
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